30 Signs that You’re a Happy Dead Bug

Sometimes life is just too good to handle. You’ll be reunited with your best friend soon. You’re going to the concert of your dreams. That hot person at work finally talked to you, and also thinks you’re cute. Good. Lord. It’s just too much.

For these euphoric, fantastic moments in life, you simply cannot go on living. Cocooned in your bed with a ton of chocolates, you’re a happy dead bug.

  1. When good news pops up into your daily routine, you go into a tailspin. You’ve literally just died of excitement.
  2. The heavens have blessed you, the genie granted your wish, the gods of good fortune have smiled down on you. And you just can’t handle it.
  3. It could be little, or it could be a big deal.
  4. But either way, something fan-f*cking-tastic just happened.
  5. Class was just cancelled.
  6. Work was just cancelled.
  7. The day has been cancelled. You can go back to bed.
  8. Your significant other bought you food.
  9. You just won free concert tickets and backstage passes.
  10. Somehow you saved enough money to go on vacation, and your best friends are coming along.
  11. Whatever the reason, it’s too much to handle.
  12. You pass out in your bed and roll yourself into a blanket burrito.
  13. And then your roommate orders burritos, her treat.
  14. Life just somehow keeps going your way.
  15. The excitement is just too much.
  16. School is starting again and the parties will be killer.
  17. You got a raise at work that you’ve been asking for since forever.
  18. You’re finally free from that toxic relationship.
  19. You’re just too happy to move.
  20. The sky is literally raining chocolate from the heavens.
  21. And your bed/couch/floor is just too comfortable.
  22. Too many little happy things have been building up.
  23. Or one big giant happy thing just burst into your life like the Kool-Aid man busting through a wall.
  24. You’re like a puppy that is so excited that he pees himself.
  25. Little hearts are floating around your head but you just do not care.
  26. The happiness is too much for you to process.
  27. You’ve died.
  28. You’re dead.
  29. It’s over. This is what life is lived for.
  30. You’re a happy dead bug.