28 Things You'll Only Understand If Your Best Friend Is Your Sister

If you were born with a sister, chances are you didn’t realize how lucky you were until you grew up.  As a kid, having a sister was nothing but an inconvenience.  I mean, yes, you always had someone to play with, but you also had someone with whom you had to share a room, share your toys, share your parents’ affection, and compete with for almost everything!

When you grow up, though, your rival and your sometimes-enemy becomes your best friend, and you realize that you don’t know what you’d do without her.  If you’ve got a sister and she’s your best friend in the whole world, then you know all of these things are true.

  1. Sometimes you want to kill her, even though you love her so damn much.
  2. You can’t fathom how any guy in the world wouldn’t want to marry the crap out of her.
  3. You know everything about her.  Her likes and dislikes.  Her hopes and dreams.
  4. Knocking on each other’s doors is just a formality.  Usually you just barge right in.
  5. Secrets don’t exist between you.
  6. You can communicate just by exchanging a look with one another.
  7. You have the beginnings of your own language, including words and phrases that outsiders would have no idea what they meant.
  8. You share everything, which basically means you borrow without asking.
  9. Your friends are your sister’s friends and vice versa.
  10. You know everything that’s going on in each other’s lives, all the time.
  11. If you’re both single, you probably live together.
  12. You kind of wonder if you’re still going to live together when you both get married…
  13. You often wind up giggling like little children together.
  14. You sometimes end up laughing so hard with one another that other people look over in confusion.
  15. People always tell you how much you look alike, but you just don’t see it.
  16. You think your sister’s the prettier one, but she always tries to tell you that you are.
  17. Most of the time when you fight, you don’t even need to apologize.  There’s just a mutual acceptance that the fight is over, and regular life can continue.
  18. You pretty much know where your sister is at all times.
  19. You’ve already got your maid of honor speech planned out.  Now if only your sister could find a man…
  20. When your sister does find a man, you’re immediately suspicious and very wary of the guy.
  21. You have way too many inside jokes to count.
  22. If you live separately, you’re just as comfortable in your sister’s home as you are in your own.
  23. You can never go a day without talking.
  24. You don’t even feel weird about telling her strange or personal stuff.
  25. You can’t even remember which articles of clothing are yours and which are hers.
  26. You still do childish things together, like play video games, or play fetch with the dog inside the house even though your mom has told you not to.
  27. You can continue random conversations from weeks ago and you both remember exactly what you were talking about.
  28. You know you would pretty much kill anyone who tried to hurt your other half.