28 Things That Get Way Too Real in Your 20s

You’re finally in your 20s, and you thought it would be the time of your life.

However, you’re already all aboard the struggle bus. Before you realize that life isn’t as easy as it used to be just take it one day a time.

You’re going to end up totally fine. Welcome to adulthood! 

  1. The constant reminder that you actually don’t have your life together already like you thought you would.
  2. Paying off your college loans is now your responsibility. Such a struggle.
  3. Wait what do you mean we have to pay our own bills all by ourselves? Yes, that’s a thing.
  4. Even doing your taxes is a huge stress in your life. It’s simply not fair. Pass the champagne.
  5. You’re incapable of having a successful night out on the town…
  6. …Because you can barely keep up with the people at the pregame. You always end up going home early.
  7. The amount of weddings you have to attend is a joke. No one has the time or the money for that.
  8. You’d rather just lie in bed and pretend you were a cat than dress up and go to another “mandatory??? event.
  9. Although you have gotten pretty creative on what excuses are cleared to successfully get out of going to work.
  10. You wish you could call in sick all the time. Unfortunately, you desparately need the money. 
  11. You actually appreciate when you have enough money to buy your ultimate favorite drink at Starbucks. #brokegirlproblems
  12. You’re always scared to turn on the news because lately everything suddenly becomes a lot more real.
  13. It’s even such a hassle trying to find time to fit in a little workout.
  14. All you really ever want to do is sleep 24/7. You never want to socialize with anyone either.
  15. Let’s be real, you can’t even handle a hangover at this particular time in your life.
  16. It’s simply too much work to just keep your life running and being a functioning adult.
  17. Coming home and changing into your favorite pair of sweats, drinking a glass of wine, and watching a new television series on Netflix is actually pure bliss.
  18. There are no complaints about receiving free and delicious food…or anything free for that matter.
  19. You’re sick of hearing that little voice in your head always telling yourself to “eat healthier.???
  20. You’re very confused why you haven’t made it big, and ended up being the rich girl on her own private island.
  21. It takes A LOT of energy to attend a musical festival let alone have enough money to afford going to one.
  22. You have no idea what’s going on with your 401K and you want it to stay that way.
  23. It’s better to just pretend that everything’s going as planned, so you don’t have to have your weekly panic attack.
  24. You’re always asking yourself this common question: “Why am I tired all the time????
  25. You have to make your own doctor’s appointments. It’s just too much to handle all by yourself.
  26. Pizza solves every single problem in your life. You’ll even forget that it’s a carb because after the day you’ve had…girl you deserve it.
  27. But, you’ve realized that one day you’ll finally have your life in order.
  28. Either way each day is quite an adventure. You never know what you’re going to encounter next.

Embrace the inner struggle of being in your 20s. One day you’ll look back on this time, and you’ll realize these years were the absolute best.