28 Things Girls Who Always Wear Nail Polish Will Understand

If you’re a girl who always (or frequently) wears nail polish, you’ll know that nail polish is simply a way of life. There’s nothing anyone can do or say that’ll change your mind about it.

  1. Nail polish is better and cheaper than therapy.
  2. You really can’t have enough colors.
  3. When someone says two similar (but different shades) are the same… You throw them even more shade.
  4. But they’re the same color! No, they are not.
  5. Leaving the house without nail polish might as well be leaving the house without clothes on…
  6. Because plain fingernails are an ungodly sight.
  7. People are constantly complimenting you on your choice of nail polish…
  8. Where’d you get that?! Wouldn’t they like to know.
  9. You never let a guy see your feet without nail polish on your toes…
  10. You’d actually rather die.
  11. When all else fails, black nail polish always has your back.
  12. You know better than to go to bed without your nail polish fully dried…
  13. But there have been times when you wake up with your nails stuck to your sheets.
  14. You’ve learned the careful art of doing things while waiting them to dry WITHOUT fudging them up…
  15. And there’s no excruciating hell that compares to putting on your outfit with wet nail polish.
  16. Not to mention, you match all your outfits to your nail polish.
  17. When you get nervous or anxious, you always manage to ruin your manicure and pick it off entirely.
  18. You start to have minor mental breakdowns when the manicurist asks you to pick your color…
  19. You wanna try something new but also something classic and suddenly you need to pick between OPI and Essie and the entire world is falling apart.
  20. You know that others are yet to learn what skin tone goes well with what color…
  21. Contrast, people, contrast.
  22. There was nothing like wearing a totally outrageous color when you were younger just to piss your mom off.
  23. Honey go for the natural hues, she’d say. Hmmm, how bout no?
  24. The majority of your Instagram feed is nail art.
  25. And as much as you hate taking off glitter nail polish, there’s just no way to resist.
  26. Life without nail polish would be so blah.
  27. People say all you need is Netflix and wine…
  28. But what they don’t know is that doing your nails while Netflix and wine-ing is the secret ingredient to a good life.

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