27 Things Only People Who Suck at Hiding Their Feelings Can Relate To

Today, people tend to talk around subjects. They leave the white elephant in the room. No one really wants to get to the heart of the matter anymore. But you? You’re one of the last few left that somehow hasn’t mastered that trade. For better or for worse.

  1. You’re still figuring out the art of the pokerface.
  2. And you give a new meaning to the phrase “I can read you like a book.”
  3. Even if you’re around people who don’t know you so well – they can tell something is up.
  4. You’ve never really been one for self-control…
  5. …How does one even begin to do that?
  6. Your life is led – no, dominated –  by your emotions.
  7. Listen to your heart? You don’t really have a choice.
  8. When you’re upset, you can’t just make it go away…
  9. …You need a couple hours of vacation from the rest of the world until you’ve worked it out in your head.
  10. You’ve been guilty of subjecting others to your feelings before – if you were sad, they had to be sad, if you were happy, they could be happy. Luckily, you’ve managed to get that under check now.
  11. Crying in school was a regular occurrence for you…
  12. …And you still cry in public, just with the help of your (not so) mysterious sunglasses.
  13. Seriously though – where would you even be without them? Probably crying in the back of a smelly dumpster.
  14. The workplace can be kind of a tricky for you…
  15. …Can your boss feel the steam coming out of your nose when you’re mad at him?
  16. You’re known to cry during the cheesiest moments during movies…
  17. …And let’s not even get started about how previews manage to jam-pack the most emotional scenes into the span of 2 freakin’ minutes and get the waterworks started.
  18. Why did life give me these feelings? What do I do with them? Where do I put them…?
  19. …Is this a form of torture?
  20. Dating may have gotten off to a rocky start for you – you kept telling people you liked them way too soon.
  21. There might also be a list of unfortunate things you said to your exes that you wish you could take back. But can’t.
  22. You sometimes feel like there’s a force living inside you that’s causing all these feelings to erupt.
  23. You wonder if others can see the fact that every blood vessel in your face literally blows up when you blush…
  24. When you lose respect for someone, you can’t really look at them in the same way – and you’re afraid your face says it all.
  25. As much as not being able to hide your feelings works against your advantage when you’re upset, you’re also known for spreading the joy when you’re in a good mood…
  26. …You just rub off good vibes and you can’t even help it.
  27. You try to think of euphemisms for yourself – you’re just candid, you’re real, you’re blunt. You’re… Whatever, you are what you are and everyone else will just have to deal with that.

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