26 Struggles Every Girl With Naturally Thick Eyebrows Understands

It’s like over night thick eyebrows became all the rage and that’s great and all, but us girls who were born with ‘bushy’ eyebrows deserve a gold metal. Especially after all of the heat we took when we were younger, always getting torn apart because our eyebrows weren’t perfectly arched and thin AF like the other girls. We've been through hell and back but these are the 26 struggles every girl with naturally thick eyebrows understands too well.  

Finally, justice has been served to us thick browed ladies who don’t have to work for this naturally full look. Believe us when we say it has been no walk in the park to get here though. Between battles with tweezers to avoiding wax like the plague, it feel slike life has been one obstacle after another for us. 

1. When you were younger you hated them with a passion.

2. And I mean, it’s still a love-hate relationship…probably always will be.

3. Because when you were in high school, you deff got called Sasquatch allll the time.

4. So you over-plucked them until they looked like the trendy thin brows that were in style… and you looked terrible. 

5. But now, everyone is jealous of your eyebrows. 

6. And no one is shy to tell you that they want them. And you're like, "puh-leeze, take my eyebrows, but not the face."

7. To that, you always say, “No, you don’t. You seriously have no idea how much work goes into making these not look like fuzzy caterpillars that are trying to eat my face,” and you mean it. 

8. You find it ironic that the same girls who made fun of how thick your eyebrows were are now drawing theirs to be just as thick as yours.  

9. Because of this, you’ve mastered the maniac laugh. 

10. Your maniac laugh also comes in handy when your friends talk about all the work they put in their eyebrows to make them look “naturally” thick like yours. 

11. People ask you if you used to have a unibrow. No, you didn’t. You over-plucked it away so you wouldn’t get made fun of, duh.

12. But if you don’t pluck every day/get waxed every two weeks, you will have a unibrow.

13. And your eyebrows will basically cover your entire face.

14. Needless to say, you’re hairy pretty much everywhere else on your body. 

15. . . . Even in places where you didn’t even know women could have hair. 

16. One time you plucked out an eyebrow hair that was just as long than the hair on your head. 

17. Your blood starts to boil to lethal temperatures when someone with thin, light, barely there brows mentions now badly they need a wax. 

18. Then, you wonder whether or not it’s appropriate to tell her how much money she’s wasting on her useless eyebrow waxes.

19. But you quickly decide that it’s her money, and her life. She can do it her way. 

20. You go through hairspray really quickly, because it’s the only thing that keeps them in place.

21. You can’t afford to waste any hairspray for the hair on your head. 

22. Your eyebrows grow faster than the Millennium Falcon at lightning speed.

23. . . . Except when you over pluck. Because when you accidentally pluck out brow-defining hairs, they takes weeks to grow back. Weeks. 

24. It took you years to find the right person to wax your eyebrows, because most people just want to rip half of each brow off. 

25. Everyone thinks that the thick brow trend was inspired by Cara Delevingne. But it was you.

26. Every day is another day that thin brows could possibly be in again, and this terrifies you.

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