26 Reasons Why Wine Drunk is the Best Drunk

No matter your age, whatever time of day it is, or wherever you are in the world. Wine is always the answer. Trying to celebrate? Wine. Do you want to relax? Wine. Netflix and chill? Wine will never let you down. It’s always a good time. 

  1. First of all, it’s always nice to receive the perfect amount of pinkness in your cheeks. It’s basically free blush.
  2. It’s just you, the wine bottle, and your glass. What more could you ask for?
  3. You won’t dirty any of your nice wine glasses if you just drink out of the bottle.
  4. There’s no problem like a few glasses of wine can solve.
  5. There’s also nothing like wine drunk confessions. Those are the best.
  6. When you’re giggling till you can’t stop, it will always give you all the feels.
  7. The answer may not be at the last drop in a wine bottle, but you should at least check.
  8. When you’re drinking a glass of wine, you’ll always find happiness.
  9. Wine works well with just about anything. Adele and wine? Yes, that’s a thing.
  10. Not to mention, there’s nothing better than receiving the drunchies from wine.
  11. All you really need is cheese and crackers and you’re truly good to go.
  12. Did you know that two or three glasses of wine per day can reduce your risk of giving a sh*t?
  13. You won’t have a worry in the world when you’re wine drunk.
  14. It will always keep you smiling from ear to ear all the time.
  15. You don’t even need to go out to the club to get wine drunk.
  16. Staying at home, drinking wine and watching Netflix is the best way to relieve some stress.
  17. You can totally drink it in front of your family. It’s totally acceptable.
  18. Don’t worry, slapping the bag even counts as exercise.
  19. Whatever you did, you can simply just blame it on the wine.
  20. Being wine drunk with your girlfriends is way too much fun. You’ll laugh 24/7.
  21. If you drink a whole bottle, people won’t judge you too much
  22. You can buy a super nice bottle of wine for a cheap cost.
  23. A girls’ night out can easily turn into a girls’ night in when wine’s involved.
  24. We can just consider wine healthy because it’s technically a fruit.
  25. The bartender will never mess up your drink. They just have to pour it for you.
  26. Wine hard and nap so hard. It’s as simple as that.

If you don’t like it, simply go whine about it. The more wine for us, the better.