25 Things Only People Who Have Been Servers Can Relate to

  1. You still call out “corner!” when you’re turning into the hallway.
  2. You say “server life” whenever you’re holding more than two objects in your hands.
  3. You can never let your friends take care of the bill without looking at it.
  4. Because you know that nobody you hangout with knows how to tip appropriately.
  5. If you’re moving stuff, and the load you’re carrying is reaching the limit you can handle, but there’s one more item… you’ll try to carry it.
  6. You laugh at anyone who attempts to clean their silverware by letting it soak in hot water.
  7. You know how to pronounce the word Ciabatta.
  8. You are thoroughly amazed that there are people who don’t know how to pronounce the word quesadilla.
  9. You can always tell when someone is being fake nice.
  10. You can just read people in general much better than before.
  11. You are now accustomed to eating luke warm food, so it doesn’t bother you as much.
  12. You say “heard” when someone tells you something important.
  13. You’ve perfected the, “I’m in a hurry, but I’m not running” kind of walk.
  14. Your memory of high school is pretty faded, but your food knowledge is always on point.
  15. You have no faith in non-slip shoes.
  16. You can turn on a friendly disposition in the snap of a finger.
  17. You find it hard to focus on only one task. Multi-tasking is now in your blood.
  18. There’s no box too high for you to reach.
  19. You’re always the patient one at the table when everyone else is asking where their food is.
  20. You’ll never get your steak done over medium well.
  21. The phrase, “Well done but not burnt” makes you laugh… and then immediately dislike the person who uttered it.
  22. You know what it’s like to be a total mess, yet still be organized in your own screwed up way.
  23. Talking to yourself is the norm.
  24. Having a full blown conversation with yourself… is acceptable.
  25. Hopefully, you’ve made some really great friends out of it.