25 Reason Why Your 30s Will Be More Amazing Than Your 20s

Everyone always seems to be so intimidated by the number 30: they’re upset, or devastated that the number two is no longer in front of their age, but shouldn’t turning 30 be a celebration?

30 is beautiful. It’s the age where we’re still young enough to have lots of energy and have so many new, and exciting things happening in our lives – but it’s also old enough to know better.

To know better than to settle; to know better than to be used; to know better than to make the silly mistakes we made in our teens and early 20’s.

By the time you’re 30, you will:

  1. Have the ability to know when to say no.
  2. Be confident enough to wear what you want…
  3. And date whomever you want.
  4. Currently have, or have had a really fucking healthy sex life.
  5. Have a friend who’s like a sister…
  6. A friend who makes you laugh so hard you pee your pants…
  7. And a friend who you can ugly cry in front of.
  8. Have the ability to take a compliment.
  9. Respect yourself enough to know what you deserve.
  10. Have enough drinking experience to not end every Saturday night with puke in your purse.
  11. Have the intelligence to make it to the bathroom if you do need to puke in your purse.
  12. Know how to quit a job…
  13. Breakup with a guy…
  14. And confront a friend without ruining a friendship.
  15. Have the courage to know when to walk away…
  16. And the strength to know when to try harder.
  17. Have a backbone to stand up for something that you really believe in.
  18. Have a hobby that you’re passionate about that has nothing to do with drinking, shopping, or boys.
  19. Not resent other women for certain body parts that you like better than your own…
  20. And realize that you can’t change the width of your hips, the length of your legs, or where your body gains weight.
  21. Have a sewing kit, some spare batteries, and a black lace bra.
  22. Know how to find a pair of shoes on sale.
  23. Have the ability to forgive.
  24. Have the desire to better yourself a little more every day…
  25. Even on days when it feels like the universe is working against you.

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