25 Lies You Tell Yourself Every Summer

Summer is a time for relaxation and fun.  It’s a time for vacations and adventures.  It’s the time of year that we looked forward to as children, probably even more than we looked forward to Christmas or our own birthday.  And that sense of childlike anticipation carries over once we’re adults.  Summer just rocks.

Except now that you’re an adult, you realize that just because it’s summer doesn’t mean all your responsibilities magically cease to exist.  During summer, just like any other time of year, you have to exercise at least some good judgment.  That’s why you tell yourself these things every single year.  Whether or not you actually listen to yourself…  That’s another story.

  1. “I’m not going to let myself get ridiculously sunburned at all this year.”
  2. “I’m going to put on makeup every morning, even when I don’t have plans that day.”
  3. “I’m not allowed to turn on Netflix until I’ve worked out for the day.”
  4. “I’m definitely not going to get up at 10:30 every morning and drive to the Starbucks drive-thru in my pajamas.”
  5. “I’m not allowed to wear my pajamas all day, even when I don’t have any plans whatsoever.”
  6. “I’m not going to fall in love.”
  7. “I’m not going to get a hot new boyfriend and immediately think that I’m in love.”
  8. “I’m going to play the field this summer.  No second dates until at least September.”
  9. “I’m going to take summer classes to get ahead.”
  10. “I’m going to work extra hard in my summer classes.”
  11. “I’m going to run at least one mile every single day.”
  12. “This is the summer we totally take that camping trip we’ve always talked about!”
  13. “This year, I’m not going to get blasted on margaritas and pass out in a beach chair.”
  14. “Okay, this year, I’m not going to get blasted on margaritas and pass out in a beach chair more than one time.”
  15. “I’m going to try something new this summer, like hot yoga or hiking.”
  16. “I’m not going to let myself go shopping just because I’m bored.”
  17. “I’m going to read more.”
  18. “I’m going to set an alarm every morning so I don’t sleep all day.”
  19. “And no three-hour naps in the middle of the day.”
  20. “Unless I’m really tired.”
  21. “I definitely going to go the museum or the art gallery to get some more culture.”
  22. “I’m going to lose at least five pounds by the 4th of July.”
  23. “I’m going to actually show up to parties when I say I’m coming, instead of just falling asleep in front of my House of Cards marathon.”
  24. “I’m going to spend more time in the great outdoors.”
  25. “I’m going to spend more time in the great outdoors without drinking.”