24 Signs You're 99% Unicorn

You’re not just any ordinary girl. Pretty sure you’re part unicorn. 

  1. You’ve seriously imagined yourself being a unicorn in your daydreams.
  2. After drinking a couple of glasses of wine, you’re practically a unicorn.
  3. You’re always dancing or running around.
  4. Some people say that you’re weird, but you just choose to live in your own happy world filled with rainbows and lollipops.
  5. Candy is by far your favorite food group.
  6. You’ll always be found with a smile on you face.
  7. People may ask you why you have so much energy 24/7. You’re just drunk on life.
  8. You leave a little sparkle everywhere you go. It can be a little much but whatever.
  9. You dance to the beat of your own drum…your own little unicorn drum.
  10. It was one of the best days of your life when the unicorn emoji came out.
  11. What’s your spirit animal? A unicorn, duh.
  12. You’re unique in your own little way. You like to be different than the rest.
  13. All you want for Christmas is to be a unicorn. Is that too much to ask?
  14. You don’t have a favorite color. Every color of the rainbow is perfect for you.
  15. You’re one of the happiest people anyone could ever meet in this life.
  16. Especially when you’re drunk. You’ll pretty much convince anyone you’re a unicorn.
  17. Halloween costume? Obviously, you’re going to be a unicorn.
  18. Have you ever played Robot Unicorn Attack? You should probably download it.
  19. Metallic colors are pretty cool too, especially throwing them with some rainbow colors.
  20. If you’re ever ticked off, beware of the horn. It’ll come out eventually.
  21. Every day you practically throw around magical fairy dust because you want to make everywhere you walk extra special.
  22. You are noble and strong, but you can be extremely shy sometimes.
  23. You’re a rare gem in this world filled with people who don’t take the time to think outside of the box.
  24. Your heart is filled with glitter. Enough said. 

99% unicorn is exactly what you strive to be.