22 Signs Your Sass Is out of Control, but You Don't Really Care

Being sassy is a full-time job. Someone’s gotta tell it like it is and keep everyone else entertained.  If you think you are perfect for the job, you should show all these signs your sass is out of control, but you don’t really care.

  1. You’re fluent in sarcasm.
  2. People who don’t know you take everything you say seriously.
  3. …which means a lot of the time, they think you’re a b*tch.
  4. But you take that as a compliment.
  5. You justify the “questionable” things you say with, you were thinking it, I just said it.
  6. You have a knack for saying really funny things at really inappropriate times.
  7. You judge anyone and everyone.
  8. You don’t feel the need to hide your perpetual resting b*tch face.
  9. Friends can’t sit next to you in meetings or class because the comments you say under your breath will probably make them burst out laughing.
  10. You’ve gotten used to the shocked looks people give you when you open your mouth.
  11. Lol what are feelings?
  12. The existence of your soul is also in question.
  13. Your guess is that you probably have one, it’s just as black as your humor and masked by all your attitude.
  14. You always seem to be walking the line between being sassy and being an a**hole.
  15. You have no problem calling someone out on their sh*t.
  16. You tell it like it is…
  17. All hail Comeback Queen.
  18. You’ve mastered the side eye and talk-to-the-hand…
  19. And you use them often.
  20. You should just have #NotSorry and #NSFW warnings permanently attached to you. 
  21. When someone says they don’t like you (or someone/something you actually do like), your response is probably…
  22. Well, I don’t really like you either.
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