22 Promises to My Long Distance Best Friend

Oh, long distance bestie. I love, you even though you live far away and you can’t braid my hair while we watch Project Runway re-runs. Like all long distance relationships, the long distance best friendship takes work (I’m not saying it’s harder than a long distance romance, but it’s harder than a long distance romance). But no matter what stupid place you live in, I have some promises for you:

  1. I will try to make all Skype dates.
  2. And when one of us flakes out, I will trust that we’re still BFFs even though we suck at communication.
  3. If the call gets dropped, or Skype freezes, we don’t need to call back. We take forever to get off the phone, anyway.
  4. I will only complain a little about getting up at weird hours so I can call you in your weird time zone.
  5. I will always check your Snapchat story, so we can simulate living in the same place as much as possible.
  6. My other friends will know all about you, whether they like it or not.
  7. I will try to learn the names and faces of all your new friends, so I know who you’re complaining about.
  8. I will also get a handle on my jealousy when I see you Instagramming your brunch with some other friend.
  9. Even though brunch is totally our thing.
  10. I promise to always give you romantic advice, even when I’ve never met the guy so I can’t grill him in person.
  11. And you will be hearing every detail of all my romantic possibilities, because your long distance approval is still required.
  12. You will also still be required to weigh in on all haircuts, piercings and new exercise regimes.
  13. I will try to remember that you have a life and not freak out if you don’t text me back right away (oh god it’s been ten minutes, is she DEAD?)
  14. I promise to always make time to watch Netflix with you over Skype.
  15. When I remember our weird inside jokes, I will always text you, because my other friends won’t understand what “omg remember KEENMOUSE?!?"? means.
  16. I will always, always be there if you’re having a crisis.
  17. And I will always call you if I’m having a complete and total meltdown, because I know you miss me and my drama.
  18. I will also call you if I have a brilliant idea for a barrette that’s also a watch, because I know you’d want to hear about it.
  19. When I do finally get to see you, I promise to ditch all my other friends for you.
  20. We will make the most of our time together, even it’s just hours of dumb tv and sitting on the floor, giggling.
  21. And I promise to always be SO HAPPY to see you that everyone around us is slightly embarrassed.
  22. And of course, I promise to be your best friend forever, no matter where you go or how bad your internet connection is. But you already knew that.