21 Things Only ENFPs Will Understand

ENFPs are Extroverted, INtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving People – and are probably the most paradoxical humans on earth.

We love socializing but also love alone time; we have insane amounts of energy, but also get tired pretty easily, and we’re fiercely independent but love being around people.

Honestly, we have pretty exhausting personalities; the daily struggle is something real:

  1. People thinking that you want advice, but really you just need to talk things out.
  2. Constantly feeling stuck between going out to a bar, or taking your one day off to do your own thing.
  3. Feeling suffocated, weighed down, or just simply stressed when people need a clear plan, or a perfect schedule.
  4. Wanting to punch people who follow rules just because “they’re rules.???
  5. Getting ridiculously enthusiastic around other creative minds because it makes your mind wild, and excited, and just… spinnyyyy.
  6. People thinking that you’re immature just because you’re lighthearted and fun. Or just because your phone is bedazzled, and you sometimes think you’re Alice in Wonderland.
  7. Feeling like you’re the most wishy washy, indecisive human being on earth, because you simply just see both sides to every single situation.
  8. When someone who doesn’t know you that well thinks that you’re still upset about something that happened yesterday – when, in actuality, you literally already forgot about it.
  9. People not understanding that being carefree, doesn’t make you careless.
  10. It also doesn’t make you opinion-less. Because things actually really matter to you.
  11. Not always knowing why you’re making a decision that you’re making. And when people ask you why, the only thing you know to say is, because it feels right.
  12. Feeling things on a deeper level than most. Sympathy and empathy are engrained in your blood.
  13. Being such a people person, and loving absolutely everyone around you, but also sometimes just f*king hating people.
  14. Having 8972930752390 friends. When really most of them are just acquaintances, but you use the term friend loosely.
  15. Wanting to go out because you’re great at meeting new people, and you feel totally in your element when you’re surrounded by others, but absolutely dreading the idea that you have to engage in small talk.
  16. You’d rather talk about philosophical theories – or penguins – than hear about someone’s boring job and their 5 year plan.
  17. Constantly getting existential about, like, everything, and thinking about evolution, quantum physics, and the world as a bigger whole. Or maybe you just think about those things when you’re on shrooms.
  18. Rarely thinking about the future, or what’s gonna happen tomorrow, because, well, today is just so awesome.
  19. Wanting to learn a million new skills, take a new class, or read up on something that catches your attention – but getting incredibly distracted and not finishing any of those things. Ever.
  20. Constantly feeling like you’re not sure what you need: maybe a yoga class. Maybe getting lost in a personal project. Maybe going to dinner with mom. Maybe taking a nap.
  21. Maybe just saying meh f*ck it, let’s have a glass of wine, and just let the world do it’s own thang.

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