21 Shout Outs to #ShoutYourAbortion

After the House decided to defund Planned Parenthood, three powerful women, Lindy West, Amelia Bonow, and Kimberly Morrison decided to take to twitter to give a voice to women who have had abortions by starting #ShoutYourAbortion.

This hashtag gives women the chance to say, without judgement, why they chose to have an abortion. With this trending twitter topic, here are some shout outs in support of the cause and to make the topic of abortion in America, less taboo of a topic.

  1. Our bodies, our choice. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  2. Women who are children, shouldn’t have to raise children. If you’re not ready, you shouldn’t have to be.  #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  3. Women should be able to have a partner that is supportive. If you can’t raise a child alone, then it is your choice. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  4. A woman’s body is her choice. If the child is from a rape, you should be able to choose what happens to your body.  #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  5. Blame the rapist, not the girl who has the abortion. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  6. Pregnancy is a choice. If you have a life plan, you are allowed to keep your life plan. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  7. Love creates a child, not force. If someone is a victim of incest, the woman has the right to choose what happens. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  8. Abortion is not a sign of being selfish. It’s a sign that a woman is unselfish enough to realize what’s best for her and her own life. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  9. No one judges a father for abandoning a child. It’s a woman’s body and she has the decision to decide what to do with it. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  10. A woman’s health is not the concern of others. Some women cannot remain healthy while pregnant. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  11. If a woman cannot economically support a child, it is her decision. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  12. Womanhood and motherhood exist separately. Women are not solely made to give birth. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  13. Adoption is not as easy as people believe it is, stop throwing this word out mindlessly. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  14. If a person doesn’t believe abortion is a right decision, then don’t do it. People are entitled to their own opinions, but don’t try to point fingers at someone when it’s not your choice. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  15. Women should be allowed to discuss sexuality freely, no matter the topic. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  16. Safety for women should come first, legalizing abortion will drastically reduce unsafe procedures. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  17. Abortion and Adoption are not opposites. One is not better than the other. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  18. Women should not feel shame for wanting to remain childless. Being a mother may not be a priority. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  19. Religion is not a reason to hate someone without knowing why they make their own choices. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  20. A woman can choose to be just as sexual as a man and has the right to take care of herself. Sex is for both men and women. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion
  21. I stand with Planned Parenthood. #ShoutOut #ShoutYourAbortion.