19 Things You Need To Know About People Who Are Bad At The Whole Feelings Thing

Some people are so in touch with their emotions that the most recent emojis they have used span from the, “tears-of-laughter face,” to the, “sobbing uncontrollably face.” I, however, tend to only have the indifferent hair-flip girl emoji in my recently used list, and I think that explains the sentiment about how I feel a lot. People who are not exactly stellar at addressing and diagnosing their feelings are by no means emotionless souls – they simply find that there are more important things to focus on than themselves.

  1. Indifference seems to be a general theme of their lives. It’s not that they have no preferences or opinions, but they would rather just go with the flow of things than complicate them with their own emotions and thoughts.
  2. Their parents were concerned about them when they were growing up because they didn’t share their feelings as often as their parents would have hoped for them to. In an attempt to find their child’s emotions, parents have done everything from suggesting therapy to making their kids watch heartbreaking movies, like Steel Magnolias. 
  3. They are completely capable of discovering their emotions, they are either just lazy and don’t feel like it or they want to focus on things that they find more interesting, like videos of squirrels riding on jet skis.
  4. If you want to see the emotions of somebody who is bad at the whole feelings thing, just play a heartwarming Budweiser commercial. Of course that will get to them, because again, they aren’t heartless assholes.
  5. Asking them how they are feelings will result in a shrug and the words, “fine, I guess,” at least seven out of ten times. If you’re lucky you might get a, “I’m doing well, thank you.” 
  6. Dating somebody who is bad at feelings is always a risk, but that’s only if you can’t handle their laissez-faire approach to how they handle their emotions.
  7. Hooking up with somebody who is bad at the whole feelings thing is an incredible move, because then you won’t have to worry about them worrying about where things are going: they probably give less of a shit than you do, to be honest.
  8. Don’t try to squeeze deep pillow talk into the itinerary with somebody who is bad at the whole feelings thing. They’ll pretend to be asleep and you’ll look like a fool. Spare yourself.
  9. Their acronym of choice is IDGAF.
  10. They don’t do drunk crying, and by that I mean they don’t do it themselves and they definitely don’t stick around to console somebody who is drunk crying.
  11. People who are bad at feelings have people that they really do care about, and they will step up to the plate when they have to comfort the people they love…
  12. …However, their idea of consoling is a lot of awkward back tapping and giving sound (but sometimes harsh) words of wisdom.
  13. Don’t underestimate the emotions of a person who is bad at the whole feelings thing, because once they discover a certain emotion, they will go from 0 to 100 with it.
  14. They have been in relationships that ended because their partner was getting to be "too invested."
  15. Consequently, have been in relationships that have ended because they were "not invested enough." 
  16. When they actually do cry, it will go one of two ways: they will either shed a single tear and move on, or flood gates will open and they will not close for a long, long time. 
  17. People who are bad at the whole feelings thing have benefited from not being in-tune with their emotions, but they have also experienced some serious pitfalls (however, they don't know just how serious these disadvantages are until they register with their emotions to some degree.) 
  18. Aloof to emotions but meaning well, people who are bad at the whole feelings thing can actually be some of the most fun-loving people you will ever encounter – because one thing they totally do grasp is how to have fun. 
  19. Their national anthem is I Don't Fuck With You, because they simply don't fuck with you, or anything for that matter.