19 Struggles of Girls Who Love Too Hard but Are Bad at Expressing It

I don’t know who’s to blame for creating a generation of people who are damn emotional but also suck at expressing their emotions, but I blame…someone. I think. Maybe it’s ’cause we’re overly sensitive and love too hard? Could that be why we can’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable? But whatever – we cool, we cool.

The people who don’t show their emotions are often the ones that love the hardest. If you love too hard but are also really bad at expressing your emotions you might relate to and understand at least one of these struggles:

  1. We delete texts, hesitate overwriting emails and Facebook messages, delete and re-write tweets. All because we could and should have said something other than what we did. It takes us forever to write an important message. Okay, basically any message.
  2. We cannot make the first move. If I’m ignoring you in a big group, it means I like you, yes you, the one I’m not talking to.
  3. Looking clingy or thirsty is like, our worst fear ever. If we like someone, we are pretty much head-over-heels, stupid crazy infatuated with them.
  4. But we’ll never make you feel like royalty when there are a bunch of people around – we need to dip our foot in the pool first to make sure the feelings are reciprocated, first.
  5. This can be a bitch because we often end up looking uninterested, even though it’s quite the opposite…
  6. We’re just really bad with making moves. We always feel pretty foolish for putting ourselves out there. We don’t know how to give you the signal that we like you or that we care about you – we are hoping you will see through our sarcasm.
  7. We love the gory bits of people just as much as the “good” bits.
  8. But instead of expressing it, we’ll say something really means and immediately wish we didn’t say it. It’s almost like sarcasm is this involuntary reaction we have to feel too deeply and we. can’t. stop. being. sarcastic.
  9. We hate talking about feelings. Feelings, ugh. It’s like an emotional peanut allergy – our throat starts to swell and we might even start itching.
  10. We can’t help it, we’ll always feel like we might express too much and need to take it back.
  11. That’s where cynical comments and distance come in, but we’re secretly hoping that someone will dig deep and find the sweetness we’re trying to hide.
  12. Tears come at the wrong time – we try to edit our internal/emotional life because we’re not ready to face all of that and we’re afraid of looking vulnerable or weak…
  13. Until we can’t anymore and it all comes pouring out like fucking Niagara Falls, like when we’re watching a random commercial or movie scene. 
  14. When we’re supposed to express emotion at the right time, however, we’re stone-faced.
  15. We become really bad at comforting and will probably give an awkward hand pat on the shoulder.
  16. That goes for serious conversations too – our eye contact starts to shift and we can’t get any words out.
  17. But we definitely care, a lot. We actually remember every little detail you tell us.
  18. We tend to distance ourselves from our own emotions because we hate to admit to ourselves how emotional we really are.
  19. The truth is, we fall hard and fast into love and into friendship and into life. We actually love too hard, we just can’t express it. So we’ll settle for a sarcastic joke instead…

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