19 Signs You’re a Realistic Romantic

You’re a romantic, but your feet are firmly planted on the ground. You can swoon over wedding proposals with the best of them… but you can also scoff pretty hard at gooey Hallmark sentiments:

  1. You love your significant other, but you don’t necessarily think they’re The One. I mean… there are seven billion people on Earth. So if you do have a one true soulmate, odds are they live somewhere in China, right?
  2. You fantasize about your crush. The two of you will go to the farmer’s market sometimes, and compromise on which Netflix show to watch. And then probably grow apart over the years and eventually go your separate ways. It’d still be worth it.
  3. You like flowers as much as anyone. But you really dig a gift you can actually use. A desk chair pillow for lower back support?? You know me too well!
  4. You roll your eyes at rom coms, and then pretend you’re not tearing up when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan end up together.
  5. You’re all about small romantic gestures, like leaving your lover a little note on his pillow (to remind him that it’s his turn to do the dishes).
  6. You like to daydream about your future wedding. We can probably save a bundle if we get my cousin to give us a discount for his catering company.
  7. You like Valentine’s Day, but you love February 15th, the day all the chocolate goes on sale.
  8. Spontaneous road trips are all well and good, but you kind of like the actual planning part of planned trips with your significant other.
  9. You can be a little blunt about your current relationship. Yeah, I really like him! We’ll probably break up soon because we have really different long term goals. But isn’t his hair cute?
  10. You’re guilty of checking the statistics for the average age of marriage in your demographic.
  11. Part of you thinks that technology has ruined dating, and part of you thinks dating was probably just always terrible.
  12. You don’t believe in love at first sight, but you still have a hard time making eye contact with that cute barista.
  13. You like Disney movies. But you’re the one who always points out the original Snow White was seven years old and the real Little Mermaid dies at the end.
  14. You really like the idea of doing old fashioned things like writing letters by hand… but you think there’s probably a reason people invented keyboards and email.
  15. You find financial responsibility and punctuality to be extremely sexy qualities.
  16. You’re not very interested in chivalry. I can open doors for myself, thanks.
  17. You can be a little suspicious when someone seems too perfect. You bake cakes and you read poetry? And you’re straight??
  18. Heart-shaped jewelry is just kind of… eh.
  19. Nothing says romance to you like a guy who remembers to bring an umbrella in case it rains.