19 Cray Cray Things All Girls In Relationships Do (That You Should Forgive Us For)

Okay, we all have been there. We know that sometimes as women in relationships, we just casually lose it over something small. We’re sensitive creatures. There are days when we don’t even realize that we’e literally acting insane over nothing. 

But there’s no need to worry, because we’re not alone in this…

  1. We screenshot our conversations with bae and send them to the girls for  input. We all need a little advice on what to say, so who better to ask than our gal pals? 
  2. We want to hear why they love us, more than once a day. “Do you love me or are you like, in love with me?” There’s totally a difference and you know it. 
  3. We count the minutes, seconds, and milliseconds between when they read our text and when they begin typing. If they take more than five minutes to respond to the “where you at?” text there’ll be trouble later. Hey, we didn’t ask for your read receipts to be turned on.
  4. We notice who likes their Instagram pictures. Why is that same annoying chick always the first one to like their new updated pic?
  5. We’re totally allowed to go dancing with the chicas to the club, but the minute they step into the local bar for some brews, completely unacceptable. Who they trying to meet at a dive bar?
  6. We throw their friends into the conversation for just the right amount of passive aggression. “Oh no, go out with your friends, I know they are so important to you.” Not the best move on our part, really. 
  7. But the all time favorite passive aggressive comment is “Do what you want.” This is basically a dare.
  8. Speaking of friends, we know exactly how our boo’s night will turn out, depending on the friends they’re hanging out with. With one friend they’ll be chilling watching a PBS special, and with another they’ll be blackout drunk in the middle of Hooters.
  9. We post Tumblr pics of random dudes or girls buying their significant other flowers and presents on our timelines. You know, just in case our love catches a glimpse of it and decides to surprise us. 
  10. We get mad at our significant other they somehow don’t pick up our, “subtle” hint. All we wanted was a massive thirty pound teddy bear. This isn’t rocket science, bruh. 
  11. “Don’t buy me a present, I really don’t want anything.” We want the present and but we don’t always wanna act like it. But oh man, we really want that present. 
  12. The same thing goes for food. We will always want dessrt.
  13. “No, I really don’t know what I want to eat tonight.” Pizza. Burgers. Fries. We’ll always be fine with that.
  14. Sometimes we’ll pretend we’re fine with anything, though we’ll get effing “hangry” beforehand and ruin both our nights. 
  15. Pinterest is our cray girl outlet. 
  16. We’ve planned the Pinterest wedding, bridal shower, and house that the two of us will inevitablly purchase when we’re rich and famous.
  17. Okay, so we’ve done all this Pinterest pinning even though it’s only been six months. 
  18. We may not even be officially, “dating” this person but we’ve still have done all the things on this list. 
  19. Even though we may be one insane mess of a partner, our love knows that we do these things because we might just be cray in love.