18 Times Your Life's on Point Even When It Feels like a Hot Mess

You’re no narcissist—but when you’re feeling yourself, you’re not about to apologize for it. Sometimes you scroll through Facebook and feel like your life is in shambles (how do all these other people have jobs and spouses and vacations in Paris??), but then something little happens and suddenly your life is just on point. Miss America might as well resign, because you are killing it:

  1. When you find that elusive creature, the PERFECT dress. That dress that says I am a sophisticated lady, but somehow also I am a down-to-earth girl next door. You pity any girl who isn’t you tonight.
  2. When you get the winged eyeliner right on the first try. Nobody breathe… don’t ruin the moment…
  3. Good hair days. They don’t come every day, but when they appear they are well worth the wait.
  4. Those rare days when you wake up feeling rested. Or just hit on that ideal nap length, and pop up ready to take on the world. I don’t feel deliriously tired and it’s a miracle.
  5. Taking a bath. Like, a bath bath, where you lie in a tub with bubbles and possibly wine. Extra feeling-it points for the addition of candles and/or a cute boy.
  6. Waltzing in just in time to catch the bus/train/plane. Ah yes, my chariot has arrived. The world works around my schedule.
  7. When that cute guy you’ve loved from afar uses your name correctly. I hear wedding bells.
  8. That magical moment of completing some simple form of human maintenance. Like laundry. Or actually making it to the gym. You’re an unstoppable force of capability.
  9. Cooking food that tastes good and isn’t instant ramen or eggs.
  10. Shaving with a new razor. And then rubbing your oh-so-smooth legs together under a clean sheet. Ahh… so soft and smooth… like two baby dolphins.
  11. Opening a book right to the page you need.
  12. When you’re pretty sure you’re dancing like a grade A dork, but then a cutie tells you your dance moves are killer. You always knew you were secretly Beyoncé. Even if he’s lying… well played, sir.
  13. When your out-of-town bestie comes to visit and the two of you take the town together.
  14. Getting retweeted. Or getting all those likes on that genius new status. Or that flattering profile pic. Do you know how rare it is to find a picture of me where I don’t have crazy eyes?
  15. Winning an argument. Just hearing a begrudging, Oh… I guess you’re right… it’s probably the most beautiful phrase in this world. That, and check enclosed.
  16. Speaking of, that first paycheck from your first real job. Hell yes… this is practically a living wage!
  17. When a friend or boy person texts you just to find out how you are. Oh… you mean you just like me as a person and care about my day-to-day happiness? Ha, I’m so awesome.
  18. Realizing that you’re at least semi-functional adult. I mean… having a place to live? And people who love you? And occasionally making it through the week without crying? Those are no mean feats.