18 Things All Extremely Blunt People Know To Be True

Being a blunt person can be rewarding, (like not having any bullshit people around) but that doesn’t make it easy. Yes, we admit it. We may come off cocky at times, but it’s a front – we don’t actually think we’re all that. I mean, we kind of are, but…

  1. Nothing bores you more than small talk on a first date. You die a little inside when the person across from you asks you where you’re from and what your favorite hobbies are. 
  2. Dealing with the misconception that you’re a bonafide bitch; people often forget that being blunt and being mean are two completely different things.
  3. Actually, honesty is the best gift that you can give someone, and everyone seems to forget that. Why would you sugarcoat anything? You’re not Willy Wonka.
  4. When someone asks you for your advice, you have absolutely no problem giving it to them straight because you see it as a disservice to lie, and even if they ask for the truth, you know they’ll probably hate you for it…You can’t handle the truth!!!
  5. But they eventually forgive you when they realize that, you were right, and your bluntness comes from caring and you’re just looking out for them.
  6. Sometimes people mistake your honesty for sarcasm….
  7. But it works in your favor when you feel compelled to give compliments.
  8. Actually, sarcasm is your secret shield against stupid people – the people who know you always have a private joke when you have to deal with moronic, annoying people. 
  9. Being able to see through bullshit really easily – which is why at any given time in your life you’ve only had a few close friends, you’re perceptive to an annoyingly accurate degree.
  10. Having no problem telling someone when they suck – which you do, often. 
  11. You get frustrated when people aren’t on their game quite like you are; you have no problem cutting people out of your life who don’t have the passion you do. 
  12. You’re never blunt for the sake of being mean, sometimes you just literally think out loud and can’t stop yourself…”Orange is not your color…”
  13. And the only reason you take it down a couple of notches is so you don’t lose all your friends. 
  14. You just know what you want, which automatically makes you the leader in any situation. 
  15. You can’t be yourself with people that are too sensitive – you awkwardly try to walk around on egg shells, which makes you get really uneasy. 
  16. That’s why you’ve become the master in turning something harmless you said into a joke when someone gets offended by it…“haha…just…kidding..”
  17. People know better than to bullshit you unless they wanna get hit with some truth. You actually enjoy it when your ex comes at you with some crap so you can tell them what’s up. 
  18. You’re unintentionally funny – your humor will never be “ba-dum-bum-CHING.?? It’s more complicated than that. But when people get to know you, and understand your satirical humor, they’ll never be bored.