17 Things Perpetually Sarcastic People Know To Be True

Sarcasm is like a fine wine: in moderation, it is appreciated and enjoyable. Give somebody too much of it, though, and you might make them cry uncontrollably. Sarcasm can also be like hard drugs: once you use it once, you can't stop. 

Wherever you personally lie on the sarcasm spectrum may vary, but you will almost undoubtedly come across a perpetual saracasmo at least once in your life. People who are perpetually sarcastic are dealing with both a blessing and a curse, because with heavy sarcasm comes both hilarious and unfortunate encounters with other people.

1. You are a gullible person's worst nightmare, but you love them because they provide you with such good material

2. Self-censorship is not your strongest characteristic. 

3. There are times when your friends rely on your sarcasm and other times where they want to rip your head off because of it

4. Texting can be one of the biggest challenges because nobody. can. sense. your. tone. 

5. Everybody comes to you when they need a dry but comical Instagram caption…

6. …But then they get disappointed because, again, nobody. can. sense. your. tone. in. writing. 

7. You know you've found a keeper when somebody can keep up with your sarcasm

8. You get mildly offended when people assume you are a bitch because you are sarcastic. They aren't mutually exclusive, people

9. Feeling feelings is… incredibly difficult to say the least…

10. …Seriously, you've met pieces of toast with more emotion than you

11. You're used to hearing, "you're kidding right?" and "are you serious?" and "are you being sarcastic right now?"

12. You can tell when people are pretending like they understand your humor but sincerely have zero idea what is going on

13. Interviews, first dates and first impressions in general are tricky

14. When you've tried to go a certain amount of time without being sarcastic you realize that a life without sarcasm is a life not worth living

15. Nothing annoys you more than when people ask if you can "please be serious for a minute." Of course you can be serious for a minute, you just choose not to.

16. Your best friends are able to throw sarcasm back at you with perfect ease and you love it

17. You figure that life is too short to be taken seriously, so you take it sarcastically