17 Signs You’re a Functional Daydreamer

You’re not a total ditz, but you do like to indulge in the occasional fantasy. Your head is in the clouds, your feet are firmly planted on the ground, and you’re an all-around functional daydreamer:

  1. When you see a cute guy on the bus, you still manage to get off at the right stop. But you do take a detour and imagine what your married life would be like. Wow he’s so cute… I hope he knows that I don’t want to change my last name if we get married… Well, maybe I would hyphenate… Our house should def have a kitchen island…
  2. You don’t mind long car drives. More time to imagine what you would do if you were a billionaire and had a pet sabertooth tiger.
  3. You spend a lot of time practicing acceptance speeches for award shows. You have separate speeches planned for winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar or Tony. And one for the Golden Globes. And the VMAs. And maybe the Noble Peace Prize. It’s good to be prepared.
  4. You frequently realize that you’ve been zoning out and just staring at a stranger. But you’re really good at playing it off like you were just staring at the wall behind them.
  5. You’re pretty killer at any game about hypothetically being stranded on a desert island.
  6. You know exactly where you and your fictional TV character crush would live if you were married, and what you would name your children. I hope Tyrion Lannister isn’t against naming our firstborn Charlie…
  7. You’re a pro at pretending that you were listening, even if you were really thinking about where in your mansion you would keep your ocelot.
  8. You’ve successfully written entire papers with only the vaguest idea of what the assignment was. (Oh, what, like it’s your fault that fantasizing about being a spy was more interesting than listening to the lecture?)
  9. People-watching is one of your all-time favorite hobbies.
  10. You know that most of your fantasies are wildly unlikely… but that doesn’t stop you from having an air-tight escape plan in case of zombie apocalypse.
  11. You can take one hell of a long shower. That’s where you come up with your best ideas for screenplays that you have no intention of ever writing.
  12. You’ve never walked into a wall or lamppost, but you have almost walked into a wall or lamppost while in the middle of a truly great daydream.
  13. Your friends are used to your endless suggestions for possible film adaptations, theme restaurants, and reality tv shows. It’s like America’s Next Top Model… but with pet grooming!
  14. Whenever you see a baby, you go through about five hypothetical futures for when/if you have kids. Mostly about how well-dressed your children will be. I think I’ll buy one of those cute little newsboy caps for my future son, Charlie Lannister…
  15. You might be a daydreamer, but you can always tell reality from fantasy. Reality is usually the less interesting one.
  16. You know by now that you need to make a herculean effort to focus when meeting someone new. Must… not… space… out… what were we talking about again?
  17. You can focus when it comes down to it. It’s just that you can also entertain yourself by staring out the window for long stretches of time.