15 Signs It's Time to Explore Your Wild Side

As you become a real person, you take on new responsibilities. But as you do, it’s easy to fall into being too…adult. Too adult=too boring. And hey, kudos to you if it’s a Friday night and you couldn’t be happier sitting alone in your pajamas, basking in the glow of Netflix with a glass of box wine in your hand. You deserve to indulge yourself every once in awhile.

But you know it’s time to get out and unleash your wild child if… 

  1. You’re comfortable in your day to day routine, but it still feels like something is missing in your life… A new recipe? A vacation? A rando in your bed? You’re not sure anymore.
  2. You think a lot about that little feather tattoo you might get on your ankle.
  3. …but you still haven’t gotten drunk enough to get it done.
  4. When your friend asks what your plans are for Friday night, you answer, “Laundry.”
  5. You’re crushing harder on a Game of Thrones character than you are on…you know, a real actual human in your life.
  6. The climax of your weekend was your shopping trip to Crate and Barrel, where you lusted over candles, wine glasses, and cushions you want to show off at the party you haven’t gotten around to hosting.
  7. You’re starting to wonder if maybe a chaotic clusterf*ck life would be better than your predictable one.
  8. When your friend asks how long it’s been since you went out on a first date, you say, “A few months.”
  9. But it’s actually been a year.
  10. You’re so tired from your nine-to-five that you fall asleep before the sun goes down on Tuesday…
  11. …And because of your nap, you miss your friend’s roof party.
  12. You stay in over thinking that one time someone said you’re not dating material because you were a little “too wild” that one night…
  13. …Even though the pictures on Facebook made it seem worse than it actually was. At least from what you remember. But you untagged yourself anyway…
  14. For you, sweatpants are the new black.
  15. There’s that glittery new party outfit sitting in the back of your closet with the tags still on.

Sound familiar? Then cut the cord on the yawnfest.

It’s time to take life by the balls and live again. Or for the first time.

So you officially have permission to be random as f*ck. Go on an adventure. Wear your hair down. Get out, but don’t just follow the crowd. Lead it. Don’t just listen to your inner wild child: speak up and give a voice to your independence. Start saying yes to things you haven’t tried before but were always curious about. Get up and dance. Like, right now, in front of your screen. Naked. Unless there’s someone else in the room. Or maybe even if someone else is in the room. You’ll never know until you try it. One thing’s for sure: you can’t stay in those sweatpants forever.