15 Items Of Clothing You Break Out For Summer Every Year

Summertime has an effect on just about everything, including your wardrobe.  It’s a time of year when everything just cooperates, especially the weather, meaning that you can wear things that don’t get to be worn at all during the other three seasons.

With heat waves and outdoor activities, living during the summer months requires that you dust off some of those articles of clothing that haven’t seen the light of day since last September.  They live for this time of year.  And that’s okay, because so do you.

  1. The pretentious hipster hat you know you should be ashamed for wearing.
  2. That one pair of flip flops that probably should be thrown away by now.
  3. Anything that doesn’t have sleeves.
  4. Anything that used to have sleeves but you cut off a long time ago.
  5. The oldest, most ragged hoodie you own.  You know, for sitting around the fire pit at night.
  6. The most patriotic shirt or tank top you can find.
  7. New sunglasses.  They still get lost every year.
  8. Something that still has sand in it and smells like the lake from last year.
  9. Shredded denim anything.
  10. Crop tops.
  11. White.  Lots and lots of white.
  12. All the dresses you’re going to need for all the weddings you have to attend.
  13. Wedges.  God help you if you try walking around on grass in stilettos. 
  14. The swimsuit you’ve owned for years.
  15. The new swimsuit you bought for pool parties but not for actually going in the water.