14 Things That Happen When You Feel Older Than You Are

I’ve learned the hard way that aging isn’t how long you’ve lived, but how much you’ve lived through.

  1. Having a baby face is an oxymoron. You wanna laugh when people treat you younger than you are. They often try to shower you with amateur wisdom because they automatically think you’re naive. If only they knew…
  2. There are times when you feel so tired. You feel like you’ve been through so much already, that it’s exhausting to deal with unnecessary drama. You grow tired of pointless twitter rants, watching young couples showing off, the passive-aggressiveness with coworkers…and just people in general. 
  3. You’ve been told that you’re an old soul. You live life on the ledge, often observing the world around with a sense of reflection.
  4. You’ve always had a motherly love for others. Caring and nurturing the ones you love comes naturally to you. It’s why your friends come to you for advice and why you’re there to save them from themselves when they get unexpectedly wasted.
  5. It's a weirdly accomplished feeling when you are responsible. Even if you tend to be extremely lazy, you love getting your to-do list done and feel like you should get a medal for being an adult every time you do.
  6. Learning comes naturally to you, but weren’t the biggest fan of school. There were some subjects you enjoyed exploring but others that seemed boring, repetitive, and completely watered down. Plus, those lovely teachers who got on your very last nerve.
  7. You treat your friends like family… which is why you have such a close circle of friends. You consider yourself selectively social because it’s important for you to place your trust in the right people and those who can hold your trust might as well be your family.
  8. Life is simple. You find happiness in doing old fashion things like writing stuff down, reading actual books, and having chill get together's with good friends.
  9. People criticize you for your tastes and interests. Whether it’s watching old noir films, dressing up like Marilyn Monroe, listening to 80s music, collecting Edgar Allen Poe essays, etc. people find it strange that you cling to the past. But it’s not so much that you cling to the past, you channel it. 
  10. You dread talking about your weekend… because you don’t do anything festive. Your weekends usually consist of staying in with a book, watching TV with a glass of wine, or simply going to the movies with friends. You’d like to say you did those things, but you can’t help but feel boring when you say it.
  11. All you want is a deep and loving connection with your potential soul mate. You’re not very interested in short term dating or one-night stands. You’d rather be in a long term relationship because it’d be much easier for you to be with someone who could look past the surface and be willing to go on this journey with you. 
  12. Finding more out about who you really are is important to you. You’re not the live in the moment type. You go through life defining your identity and determining what your purpose is supposed to be.
  13. You try to see the deeper meaning of things. You’re always theorizing why people do what they do and why things are the way they are. It’s your way of going through life with a straight head.
  14. You’re considered an idealist. You like to look at social issues from a unique angle. You have compassion for others and strive to make the world a better place for you and those around you.