14 Things Every 20-Something Needs to Be Reminded of Right Now

We’re all on our own unique paths, but the one thing we have in common as soon as we hit our twenties is the feeling of being utterly frustrated. I may be alone in this but I have a feeling that we’re all a little lost right now – there is so much we want to accomplish and experience, and yet we often end up stuck in our dissatisfaction, not knowing where to go next.

The truth is, you’re going to be more than okay. And for those who are twenty-something, here are some things you need to be reminded of right now. 

1. Don’t be frustrated.

You’re at the right place at the right time, you’re thinking the right things for the right reasons. I know because not long ago I was exactly in that place of being consumed by my frustrations that I was behind where I was suppose to be and a single fuck-up was the end of the world. 

Spoiler alert: It's not. And you’re not behind, either. 

2. It’s all about moving forward. 

It’s all about building on your mistakes, seeing what’s next, what’s more beautiful. Nothing is a mistake if you’re trying to move forward, and that’s the biggest lesson of all. Build the future instead of complaining about the old. Your frustrations won’t build anything unless you are proactive in your life.

3. Put your energy in building yourself up.

Where are you going to put your energy? Are you going to put all your energy building yourself up, using your mistakes as fuel to move forward, to build new things because of it, or are you going to wallow in them? If you stumble upon something unexpected, if you discover an error in your ways, if you hit a difficult path, keep moving forward. Build new things because of it, that’s all you have to do.

4. Unlimited thinking.

Take yourself out of any box you may have put yourself in. There is not one way to do things. There are multiple ways, some that you may have to discover yourself. Allow yourself the ambiguity of an unknown path.

5. There are no errors.

Every single person has a different path. Every. Single. Person. There are no errors because you have to figure out what is the right path for you, and the right path for you is as unique as you are. You can't find your path without making mistakes, 'failing,' and then trying again. Everything that you experience serve as building blocks for what’s to come. It’s all important. Don’t be frustrated.

6. Sometimes we have to love people from afar.

Friends, partners – relationships always end for a reason. No matter how much we may connect with or love someone, some people we’re not meant to grow old with, and that’s okay. You will find people who you love even more, who are on your path, who will help you get on the next right path, just be patient. 

7. Recognize you’re not alone.

You were never alone, you’re never going to be alone and you’re not alone now. 

You have so many amazing people yet to meet, who will surprise and inspire you. You have so many exhilarating things still to experience. Your life is just beginning. 

8. Don’t worry about who’s doing it wrong.

Concentrate on surrounding yourself with people who have the same passion as you, who look at things outside the box, for lack of a less cliché term. 

Don’t be frustrated by people who are not there yet, who are stuck in old way and don’t see a better way of doing things like you do. Don’t stop the old, just concentrate on building the new. You can win any battle that way.

9. You are so much more important than you realize.

Your frustrations come from wanting things to be better, wanting to be better, wanting to live an extraordinary life that you know that you’re meant to have. You’re in a great place not to be frustrated, but instead to build a life that you want.

10. Have patience. 

Things happen little by little. You have to trust that synchronicity will bring you the pieces, parts and people that you need to create a life that you want to live, at the right time. You just have to have a little patience, don’t spin in your frustrations. Concentrate on what’s in front of you.

11. React differently. 

There are always two ways to react to things. There are those who experience bad things and use it as a catalyst to change, grow, build, and then there are those who experience bad things and use it as an excuse to complain about it. Choose to be the first person. 

12. React with benevolence.

There will be people who frustrate the hell out of you. But the only way to change is not to stop and punish them, but instead to move forward and show people the better way of doing things. 

13. It’s good to not know what’s going to happen next.

This is part of your twenties and a big part of your future, if you knew everything that was going to happen you would never be satisfied. 

You need to be open to new things, new opportunities, and new ways of doing things. Be open to the fact that there are many things you still have to learn.

14. Don’t let anyone take your light.

There will always be obstacles, people who try to take your energy, your light. But you can’t ever give up. Never be afraid to move forward – everything you need is already inside of you, I promise.