14 Life Hacks the Functional Lazy Girl Lives By

As you know, being lazy is a skill. Being efficient and lazy, well, that’s an art form. You know how to get shit done with the minimum effort required.

1. You shower the night before. Or better yet, when you get home from work.

A classic strategy, but it saves you so much extra time so you can sleep in each morning.

2. You order and/or cook your food for the week on Sunday.

Laziness takes preparation. Getting all of your lunches/dinners sorted out for the week allows you to lazily eat during the week without slaving away every day.

3. Your phone is always on speakerphone.

Ugh. It takes too much effort to hold the phone up to your ear. And you text on your laptop. Phones are just annoying in general.

4. If you can buy the same shirt in multiple colors, you’re sold.

You don’t give a fuck, as long as you’re comfortable and clean. The less you have to shop the better.

5. Shopping is always done online.

Thank god for modern technology and efficient delivery systems. If you can get your grocery shopping done online and have it dropped off at your door, you score. Like hello people! No trips to the store, no hustling through crowds, and no lugging heavy groceries around.

6. Your bed is strategically placed next to an outlet and the AC.

You can still play on your phone as it’s charging at night. And you can adjust your room’s temperature without getting up. Efficient as fuck.

7. You plan your workouts around your showering schedule.

If you absolutely have to workout, you’ll do it right before your routine shower, so you don’t need to shower twice in one day. That’s just too much work.

8. Work in bed = ultimate life hack.

You’re productive as you relax. What’s more efficient than being productive as you catch up on sleep? Killing two birds with one stone.

9. There’s a mini-fridge next to your bed.

Strategically located to leave more space in the main fridge for actual food. All of your snacks and beverages are in the mini-fridge so you don’t have to get up when you’re watching Netflix. Eating in bed pretty lazy, but it’s also super efficient.

10. You have two bags for laundry: dirty and clean.

Your dirty clothes go in one bag to be washed (eventually). Your clean clothes don’t usually make it out of the bag, so you just leave them in there if they don’t need to be on a hanger.

11. You use every single dish in the cabinet before you wash them all.

It’s not that hard to adapt to eating salad with a spoon. Doing dishes is a pain. So you’ll use everything up until it’s absolutely necessary to wash all of the dishes.

12. Somehow it’s easier to stream and download music than it is to just buy it.

You’d rather take the time to download a ton of illegal shit so you don’t have to deal with iTunes. There are just too many updates that you’ve been avoiding, and you really can’t deal with it anymore.

13. You’ve got a pre-packed bag of luggage.

It all just stays in there, so when you need to go away for the weekend or take a trip, the packing is already done. You don’t bother to change up your clothes. Who cares?

14. You rent an apartment above a pizza place, next to the subway.

#Efficient. No trolling around the city trying to find food when you get home. You’ve basically got this whole “life” thing figured out.