12 Ways Aquarians Live Differently

  1. We tend to feel older than we are. Aquarians are usually labeled outsiders for their outside-of-the-box way of thinking. Most of us have grown up without friends and have experienced bullying. Those experiences can age us internally.

  2. We need our alone time…because our minds are always running even when they don’t have any fuel. We sometime even have to take a day to rest and recharge or else we’ll go crazy.

  3. We have very close friends…because we’re selectively social. We can only open up to the kind of friends who have been there for us for a long time. We value long lasting friendships where we can be at peace and have fun.

  4. But we do like meeting new people. At the same time, we don’t mind getting to know new people because we like to hear their stories. It just takes us a while to trust and really get to know them.

  5. We love, love, love intellectual conversations. There’s nothing like a thought provoking conversations with a friend at a cafe in a bookstore or on the couch with our roommate on a weekend night. It’s heaven for us aquarians to have fun and stimulating conversations.

  6. We look at a person’s heart rather than their selfies…because for us, that’s more valuable. Aquarians are more interested in the story behind the facebook posts and instagram selfies. We’re not easily infatuated with fancy words as we are with actions.

  7. We’re hyper observant…which is why we tend to have a quiet demeanor. We like to listen more than we like to talk. We know a lot about people by their body language and expressions than what they say. 

  8. We’re not into the hook up culture. We’d rather date the old fashion way because it’s so much more fun and creative than casual sex. Aquarians get a kick out of trying new things, especially in dates. It brings us closer to the person we’re dating 

  9. We’re binge thinkers. If we read about an odd fact on the internet, we’ll be thinking about it for days. Aquarians tend to live in their own heads. 

  10. We can’t contain our’s why we’re known as one of the most innovative signs in the zodiac. Our imaginations go far and beyond. Most aquarians are writers and artists because it gives room for our imaginations.  

  11. We tend to get obsessed with our hobbies. No matter what it is, we put our all into it. Aquarians love what they do which is why we do what we love no matter the cost. We're that dedicated.

  12. We seek to change the world for the better. Aquarians are idealists. We always think about ways the world could be a better place because we have compassion for it. It breaks our hearts to see bad things happen all around but it also gives us the motivation to change it.

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