12 Things You'll Only Understand if You Hate Crying but Cry Easily

They say crying helps to purge the pain. But those who cry easily, understand how hard life is when you absolutely hate crying:

  1. You hate the signs…when your chin trembles, your chest grows hot, the tears filling your eyes and threatening to spill. Feeling like you’re about to cry feels almost like an anxiety attack and you have to spend a lot of time trying to stop it from happening. 

  2. You hate the look people give you even more. Even worse than feeling the tears coming on, is the look people give you when they notice. You know, the one when they stare at you with a pitiful look before they ask are you crying? You hate it because it’s like an accusation, like it’s a crime to cry.

  3. You keep a lid on your emotions…because you’re in danger of crying every time you get emotional. At the same time, suppressing your emotions can cause them to be more intense than usual. So the smallest problems can make you cry.

  4. You avoid people who cry…because seeing them cry will make you cry too, no matter the reason.

  5. Crying in public might as well be a phobia for you. There’s nothing more awkward for you than to cry in front of a bunch of people because you can see that they don’t know what to do, so they try to ignore you. Even more awkward is when someone does ask if you’re okay to which you have no choice but to nod because you’re not gonna spill your whole life on them.

  6. You hate that you’re highly sensitive…because that makes you prone to crying for pretty much everything if you allow it. You can’t help but care too much about a lot of things and it sets your feelings on a high scale. You try to front like you’re strong but on the inside you’re as fragile as a bunny.

  7. The weirdest things are what put you to tears. From Dove commercials to indie movies, it’s the unusual things that have you crying. 

  8. You avoid confrontation…because confrontation can make you upset and of you get upset, you risk looking like a complete cry baby on front the person you’re confronting.

  9. You really wish you can turn your tear ducts off…because a life without tears is paradise for you. 

  10. You’re the ugliest crier. You don’t like to look in the mirror when you cry because you look like someone threw acid on your face. Even worse is when you’re wearing make up. Crypt Keeper, anyone?

  11. You’re not even comfortable crying in front of your best friends. You can’t help but feel like you’re burdening them with your problems and you feel bad when you mess up their clothes, crying on their shoulder.

  12. Once those tears come, they can’t stop. It doesn’t matter what you do whether you fan your eyes or bite your lip, they will come falling down.

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