11 Things to Know Before Dating the Ambitious Girl

She’s got goals, and she’s not afraid to fight for them. This is not a girl who drags her feet or waits for instructions—she’s more of a don’t-ask-for-permission, ask-for-forgiveness kind of person.

And if you’re lucky enough to land yourself an ambitious girl, there are a few things you should know:

1. She knows what she wants.

And if she wants you, she’ll make it pretty damn clear. She doesn’t have time for games or “go-with-the-flow??? nonsense.

Playing hard to get makes no sense to her; she’s all about taking chances and throwing herself into things head first. If she chooses you, she’ll be proud of her choice. She’ll stand by you through anything.

2. She’s full of passion.

Her drive makes her one of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet—and her passion is infectious. You’ll find yourself getting excited about what excites her. Who knew artisanal coffee could be so interesting??

And her passion for you is pretty intoxicating, too.

3. She’s never needy.

She’s not looking for a Prince Charming to come along and take care of all her finances. She’s more than capable of taking care of herself.

She’s affectionate, but she’s also a bit of an outdoor cat: she has her own life, and expects you to have yours, too.

4. She can be an over-thinker.

She’s constantly thinking about the future. And the present. And the past. She’ll agonize over whether or not she’s living up to her own standards, and she’ll have a little trouble turning off her over-worked brain.

Expect her to wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea at least once a week.

5. She’s not ruled by what other people think.

All her life, people have probably scoffed at her ambition. She doesn’t care. She’ll never bow to convention or try to fit in if it’s not right for her. And she’ll always be there to support you when you’re on the road less traveled.

6. You’ll need to remind her to slow down every once in a while.

You might also need to remind her to eat and sleep. If she’s not actually working, she’s probably spiraling into a panic about not working hard enough. When she does finally relax, she can laze around in her underwear with the best of them. You’ll just need to help her get there.

7. But don’t interrupt her.

But if she is in her zone and getting sh*t done, disturb her at your own risk.

8. She’s not afraid of hard work.

She’ll do what it takes. She’s her own biggest critic, and she’s always on a quest to do better and be better. (Just don’t expect her to be a gracious loser when it comes to board games.)

9. She has big dreams.

Yes, she’s not easily satisfied—but it’s only because she’s serious about chasing those dreams of hers. It also means that she sees the beauty in other people’s dreams, and that she’ll be just as enthusiastic about you chasing your dreams.

10. She’s not taking you for granted, she’s actually just busy.

Really, really busy.

11. When she’s with you, she’s completely with you.

When she finally emerges from her zone, she’s completely focused on you. If she’s spending time with you, it’s because she wants to spend time with you more than anything else.