11 Reasons to Treat Yo’ Self

Sometimes life can be a struggle. And sometimes life is just fine. Whatever, man. Either way, it’s never a bad time to treat yo’ self.

We all forget to be nice to ourselves from time to time. So if you’re agonizing over whether you really earned that cupcake, or whether you can actually afford a new infinity scarf, you just need to shut up and TREAT. YO. SELF.

1. You work hard.

You work SO HARD. Look at you, doing whatever it is you do. When was the last time you had a massage?? Like a real massage. Not that thing where your boyfriend tries to massage you and you lie and say it feels good because you don’t want to hurt his feelings.

2. Things are bad and/or good.

Things are good right now! Or maybe things are terrible, I don’t know your life. Either way, you are in dire need of celebration and/or consolation. I’m not saying a pedicure is going to solve your problems, I’m just saying a pedicure is going to make everything much better than it was before the pedicure.

3. You don’t feel well.

Ladies, I know for a fact that there are 5-7 days out of the month when you deserve all the chocolates and heating pads and cute sweatshirts that this world has to offer. If you’re feeling crappy, treating yo’ self is the best medicine, besides laughter and actual medicine.

4. You feel awesome.

Or maybe you feel great, and you’re just vibing on that good feeling. Max out your good mood with some fragrances and fine leather goods.

5. You’re just too nice.

Ugh, you and your caring for others. It’s a good thing to put others first, but it’s also a good thing to take a goddamn soothing bath with bath salts and candles and wine once in a while.

6. It’ll make you nicer.

Are you nicer when you’re hangry, or when you’ve just eaten a very satisfying meal at Chipotle? That’s what I thought. And you’d better splurge for that extra guac.

7. You’ve been through a lot.

Man, remember that super sh*tty thing that happened to you last year? I’m sorry. That was totally unfair. I suggest brunch at that super cute place with the outdoor seating.

8. Cupcakes.

Ok, maybe you’re not a dessert person (you freak), but everyone has that one treat that needs no excuse. It’s just great and wonderful and that’s why you get to have it.

9. You don’t want to burn out, do you??

If you don’t treat yo’ self soon you are going to BURN OUT and COLLAPSE from STRESS and lack of high quality treats. Buy yourself a brand new hardcover book and some fancy cheese stat.

10. Small things go a long way.

Go look in the mirror. Now say three nice things about yourself. Now take a selfie and order that body pillow you always wanted, because life is chaos and you deserve body pillows.

11. You just deserve to TREAT YO’ SELF.

Love yourself, man! Treat yo’ self well, there’s no reason not to.