11 Old School Dates That We Have to Bring Back

Today’s date night is usually either “Netflix and chill"? or the endless struggle of just sitting in his car for hours deciding what to do before you end up at your house for “Netflix and chill."? Break the cycle, people! We’re missing out on all the well planned and thought out dates of yesteryear. With any luck, these adorable and cute excursions will be making an appearance in your love life soon.

1. Roller Skating

This idea is perfect for the couple that not only wants to do something active, but also wants to enjoy conversation. As you hold hands skating around the rink, the conversation will flow naturally. Also, we’ve heard that roller rink fries are cheap and delicious.

2. The Drive-In

Movie theatres are uncomfortably quiet and the minute you try to talk to your man, the old lady in front of you will promptly shush you. While having your own personal space at the drive in, this allows you to not only enjoy the movie, but allow you to laugh, cry, and chat (and make out) with your date unbothered.

3. Ice Cream Stand

During the summer, nothing beats a large twist soft serve with rainbow sprinkles – except sharing your treat with the person that you love. Enjoy the weather and this frozen magic together. You could even share a sundae with the works!

4. Dancing

Now we’re not talking about your dirty whine or twerking at the club. We’re talking old fashioned dancing, cheek to cheek. Going to a place with live music or even taking a class together will spark some serious chemistry.

5. Sunday Morning Walks

This one is the simplest and most intimate of all old school dates. Not only can you walk arm-in-arm, (a little PDA is super old school) but walking side by side can trigger some uninhibited conversation. Instead of laying in bed hungover from Saturday’s bash, get up early and whip out your Sunday bonnet.

6. Rock and Bowl

We all did this back in the day with our prepubescent crushes, but this time take it up a notch. A little competition is always good for a relationship and a date night. Up the ante by having the loser pay for drinks afterwards. Also, the music and the disco lights will have you feeling so nostalgic. It’ll be a trip down memory lane for both of you.

7. Carnival

You’ll find yourself clutching his hand at the top of the rickety roller coaster and your connection will only intensify. This date is full of nostalgia, and will have you kissing at the top of the ferris wheel or watching your man bravely try to win you a stuffed animal.

8. Being tourists in your city

Every day you feel happy that you have your man and your city in your life, so mesh them together! Remind yourself why you love living where you live by doing all the tourist things you just couldn’t pull yourself to do alone.

9. The Theater

It’s rare that we have an opportunity to see a live performance, but this is something that was the go-to date night years ago. Go enjoy seeing a play, opera, or musical with your partner. Get dressed up and feeling classy AF.

10. Hit up an old fashioned diner.

Diners give you that fifties soda fountain feel and actually serve the closest thing to homemade meals. Instead of making him wear a tie while you struggle in heels, strap on your sneakers and go get a root beer float and a burger.

11. A basket picnic.

Complete with apple pie and sandwiches, pack a basket full of you and your love’s favorite food and set up a blanket in your favorite park. This unconventional date is something that was a regular standby for couples back in the day. For that extra cute factor, make it a surprise on a day when a nice break from work is exactly what you both need.