10 Things You'll Understand if You Read Between the Texts

Most people can text no problem with no anxiety because thats how it's supposed to be. Not for you, though. For you, texting is a literature. You're the kind of texter that reads way too into messages:

  1. You barely receive a text without thinking about what it really means. You read text messages like you would a text book. There's almost always an interpretation involved. 

  2. You wish you had a disclaimer about people being really specific with texts…because if you're not sure what it means, you overthink your mind crazy. 

  3. You hate when even your friends text you hiJust hi and nothing else. You don't even really know why it drives you crazy but it does. Like does it really hurt to add more detail?

  4. You’ve texted paragraphs because you want the person to understand what you’re saying. It bothers you if you don't know if the person will know what your text means. It helps to add in extra lines just to be sure.

  5. One word within a text message can throw your whole day off. It can be as small as a period at the end of a text. If something seems off, it will stay with you for most of the day.

  6. You can even read the tone of the message. You read texts so closely that you know what tone of voice the person is using when they text you, depending on what the conversation's about. If they have a yay! at the end, you know they're happy. If they text idk, you know they're probably sad.

  7. You sometimes picture a person’s face when they text…because texting might as well be talking to someone face to face for you since you get so into it.

  8. When it comes to dating, texting is kind of a deal breaker. If they don't text you the next day or at least send in a good morning/good night text, that's it. They clearly aren't into you or else they'd put a little more effort into their texting.

  9. You don’t want to admit you’re pretty sensitive…because it's kind of embarrassing how much you think into text messages and it's even more embarrassing that the reason why is because you're a highly sensitive person. You're very in tune to your feelings, so something as virtual as texting can get to you.

  10. You’ve tried not to overthink it. You've made attempts to change your mindset when it comes to texting. But at the end of the day, you've accepted that this is just one of your quirks and that's okay.

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