10 Things People with Big Eyes Will Understand

People say that eyes are the window to our souls, so what does that say about us people with big eyes? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it means we have big hearts and pure souls too. Without our big eyes we wouldn’t be half the person we are, they define us and have become such a significant part of who we are. Let’s be real, the world wouldn’t be as bright without our big eyes lighting up the room when we walk in. But the truth is, our big eyes can be a blessing and a curse. These are the 10 things only people with big eyes will understand.  

1. People always think you’re looking at them weird.

“Are you OK????" Yes, it’s just my face…

2. Shit gets in your eyes super easily.

Eyelashes, dirt, hair, makeup. It’s impossible to keep your eyes fresh and clean.

3. Your friends make fun of you constantly…

Whenever you get excited… or drunk… your eyes tend to get extra big and your friends always make bug eyes at you. O___O

4. Or they always compare you to one particular celebrity.

“Has anybody told you you look like Alyson Hannigan?” Only always…

5. But on occasion, you’ll get someone you never expected.

“OMG you look just like Mila Kunis.” I do?? REALLY?!? *Blush*

6. Unfortunately, your face is very expressive.

You can convey many different emotions — though sometimes it may be hard to control them. Like rolling your eyes or winking — you don’t always mean to do it; it’s just how your eyes move.

7. Your smokey eye is always on point.

You have a huge canvas for eyeshadow, eyeliner and the rest. You can go crazy with colors and styles and have a blast. And taking it off later is a breeze.

8. Your eyes are naturally beautiful.

Because your eyes are inherently big and wide, sometimes you don’t need makeup to achieve that effect.

9. It’s easy to put contact lenses in.

You barely have to lift your eyelashes to get them in. It’s a really great thing.

10. That doe-eyed look comes naturally to you.

Disney princesses, beware. You often get compared to Belle or Ariel because your eyes are big and shiny. You probably had daddy wrapped around your little finger as a child — and even now too.

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