10 Things Only Ethnically Ambiguous People Can Relate to

Having a look that people can’t quite pinpoint? Oh, it’s fun. It’s weird. Sometimes it’s even a bit dehumanizing, but all in all, the fact that you can’t easily fit into someone’s conventional little box they’ve appropriated for you is an awesome aspect of yourself that should be celebrated.

1. People are constantly asking you where you’re really from. 

Yes, it can be quite repetitious and less than amusing when someone’s initial line is always, “So, where are you from?” You might even have a preconceived answer for this question, as you’ve been asked it many times over.

Q: Where are you from?

Me: New York

Q: No, but where are you from?

Me: Um, Long Island initially.

Q: No, like, what’s your ethnicity?

Me:  : )

2. You’ve been called exotic many times.

It’s never easy replying to a comment like this. Should you be flattered? Insulted? The fact that someone is using an adjective to describe you that is usually used to describe animals or plants is weird. It’s also a bit unsettling.

You probably just shouldn’t do it… ever.

3. People keep assuming you’re cultured.

Not always the case, but fine by me. I’ve actually never really traveled in my entire life. That is, unless you count trips to Pennsylvania, Florida, and Massachusetts (Two of which were family related trips).

I mean, I’ve had a decent education. Does taking more than one Cultural Anthropology class count?

4. You’ve had a couple that’s bet on your heritage.

You’ve been in a situation where you were helping a couple at your place of work and they just couldn’t help but ask you where you hail from.

“I knew you were italian! He didn’t think so.”

5. People have definitely asked you for directions in another language.

Someone speaking a mile a minute approaches you in the street with their finger pointing in either direction. You can only assume they’re asking for directions and politely say, “Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish” as you slowly walk away shaking your head.

6. Someone’s told you that you should be an actor.

Not based on any kind of merit or the fact that you have an exuberant personality, but because you could probably play any role.

7. You’ve gotten nervous walking through security.

You always think you’re gonna be subject to random search before boarding a flight or you awkwardly double take at the police officers that are checking backpacks and bags at the turnstile.

8. Someone’s pointed out a specific facial feature they just love about you.

For me, it’s the eyebrows. I’m usually self conscious about it, so it doesn’t exactly strike me as complimentary, but it’s nice to know not everyone finds them ugly.

For you, it might be your lips or your eyes. Maybe someone always has their hands in your hair, talkin’ about how they wish their hair was more like yours.

9. You’ve always been a lover of all races.

You’ve always loved all people from all walks of life, not only because it feels right, but because you identify with “the other” more than most people.

Even if you’re caucasian. You might not feel like you’re in the same shoes as Rachel Dolezal, but you’ve always felt as if you were different than other overt-looking white people.

10. You’ve been discriminated against on more than one level.

Someone has told you your hair makes you look a certain ethnicity today or your lips are that of a particular race.

I’m a guy, so for me, it’s something along the lines of, “Your mustache makes you look extra Mexican today.” My stepfather used to say I looked like a Habib, and back then I might have fake laughed and shrugged it off. Now I’d probably tell him he’s a piece of sh*t.