10 Struggles of Being an Outgoing Person Who's Seriously Stubborn

It’s not always easy to deal with all your personalities, especially when they have a hard time coexisting with each other.

1. You have a hard time apologizing.

You know when you’ve wronged someone, but you find it hard to easily come out and say you’re sorry. This feeling of pent-up emotion will eventually lead to a strong frustration with yourself. It will build and build until you hit a tipping point. Then you will finally apologize, or else you know you’ll be up all night thinking about it.

2. You stick to your guns, even (and especially) when you know you’ve been proven wrong.

Your word is your bond and your actions speak even louder. In this case, they speak to how wholeheartedly stubborn you are. Most of the time you’re super friendly. When someone is debating with you on a certain subject… you are not.

3. You have ridiculous standards for your S.O.

You love social interaction. You love meeting new people and finding out random and extraordinary things about their lives, but you will never settle for less than what is perfect according to your stubborn-minded values.

4. When you’re feeling down, you refuse to talk about it.

You are usually the life of the party. You can be goofy, witty and are always up for stimulating conversation. You’re the exact opposite when you’re feeling depressed. Nobody can talk to you… not your best friend, your mother or even your prescribed psychologist.

5. You can never simply accept something for being what it is.

The phrase, “It is what it is” is not in your vocabulary. You have this inherent need to figure out exactly why something is the way it is. This can clash with your overall positive vibes and you might even complicate certain things that don’t need to be elaborated upon.

6. You argue with your loved ones about really simple things.

It might seem like an insane thing to obsess over how to make a cup of coffee or why the dishes need to be stacked a certain way, but in your mind, there’s only one way to do it. That would be your way. And it’s either your way, or the nearest and most easily accessible highway.

7. When you’re angry, nobody can stop you from doing what you’re doing.

You’re usually a lovely person, someone who’s easy to get along with. When you’re mad, you’re mad. Borderline psychotic might be a better way to describe it. You’ll usually be found trying to de-stress yourself.

Maybe you’ll cut vegetables and find yourself slicing them way too many times; ie: Someone tries to stop you from cutting a carrot and you glare at them like Nicholson in The Shining and proceed to cut until they look like mashed sweet potatoes.

8. You refuse to make the first move.

This applies to nearly everything in your life… from making the first move on a date to choosing between Netflix and Hulu for your night in with your S.O. People might think you’re indecisive, but you merely refuse to show your cards early. This allows you to sit back and observe a.k.a. live in your comfort zone.

9. You are never happy with your current situation.

Your outgoing personality gives the impression that you are extremely content with the status of your situation. You are not. It’s hard to settle for less than achieving your end goals, but you won’t let anyone know you’re feeling that type of way.

10. You deal with some serious mood swings.

As much as you are a fun person to be around, if someone says the wrong thing around you, your attitude can drastically change in a heartbeat. It isn’t necessarily a switch from being happy-go-lucky to a stone-cold b*tch. It’s more subtle than that, and is more likely a transition from being talkative and inclusive to deadpan and unresponsive.