10 Signs You're an Over-thinker Who's Changing Their Ways

Being an over-thinker is a personality trait a lot of us deal with on a daily basis. Some people think being awkward is kind of cute, but it’s mostly just painful, and when you’ve realized that that voice in your head is holding you back from doing things you would otherwise jump on the opportunity to do… its feels great to make a change in how you live your life.

1. You are ALWAYS in your head, but now it’s in a good way.

It’s not a bad thing to be a thinker, and you know it’s made you the person you are today. Now you just don’t stress yourself out as much when it comes to the small stuff.

Trusting your insticts has made you more confident.

2. You no longer make excuses when your friends ask you out.

Sometimes you might genuinely not wanna hangout, but I bet there were times when you used to think to yourself, “I really don’t wanna be cooped up in the house all day, but I don’t know. There might be a lot of people there. I don’t wanna deal with people right now.”

NO. This is life. I’m getting off my ass and having some fun… or trying to at least.

3. You’re holding your current job DOWN.

Anxiety has to do with how we deal with pressure, and your place of work is probably the number one catalyst in getting you to the point where you wanna pull your hair out.

But you’ve learned that it’s okay to be nervous. You feed off that energy now.

You know that living up to someone’s expectations isn’t something you’re always going to attain. And damn if you don’t look good trying your best.

4. You sleep a little better.

Oh, you have something important going on tomorrow?  Well I’m your subconscious and I’ll be reminding you of that fact every few minutes as you try to sleep.

Now you’re like, shut up subconscious. Yeah, right. We wish it was that easy.

The truth is, it’s never that easy… but you’re working on it. You take deep breaths and focus on something light, like why that weird lanky guy who won Project Greenlight is being such a douche. Then, at some point, you nod off into oblivion.

5. It’s easier to breathe on the subway.

You’ve calmed down and realized that not everyone in New York is carrying strep throat.  Nobody is going to care that your backpack accidentally hit them… or maybe they will, but it’s New York. People don’t give a sh*t. Most people don’t even want to talk to you.

But as for the people who do want to talk to you… you’re trying to be more warm towards them than you used to be. You’ve even made a few friends out of it.

6. You stopped caring as much about what others think.

Maybe you’re a rebel by nature and you’ve always had that, “I don’t care what people think” attitude. Well, if you can relate to this article, that’s probably not the case.

It’s not bad to be selfless or constantly think about how you’re affecting others with your words and actions. That’s good… but when it gets to the point where you’re stressing yourself out about whether someone is taking what you said the wrong way, or how they see you in that moment when you felt like an idiot, you know it’s only going to weigh you down.

7. Spontaneity is your new best friend.

A valid indication you’re letting anxiety get the best of you is when you refuse to try new things.

Now you think outside the box and live a little outside of your comfort zone. You may have even booked a flight out of nowhere and went on an adventure. Booyah.

8. You’re putting yourself out there.

Meeting new people and dating, whether it be on the internet or in real life (hopefully your internet conversations leads to real life encounters) can be super stressful.

Sometimes a date can go very badly. What if you blank and there’s that awkward silence? No. Screw that. Now you embrace awkward silences. I mean, if you can’t share a moment of silence with someone, then they probably aren’t right for you.

9. You set goals and follow through.

You no longer make it to the weekend and notice that your bulletin board in your room has a bunch of post-it notes with goals you wish you had achieved.

Now that sh*t is fulfilling.

10. You’ve realized it’s not always harder than it looks.

You used to see friends on Facebook doing things like running marathons and traveling the world and think, “That looks fun, but it’s gotta be harder than it seems.”

You’ve realized that isn’t always the case. Carpe Diem, dammit.