10 Real Reasons He Won't Change His Profile Picture to the Both of You

Congratulations! You and your man have officially made it through the “hooking up?? stage and have become Facebook official. In today’s world of social media validation, this is the real step in your relationship, showing that you two are a real life couple. However, his dreaded profile picture is still him pretending to DJ or him chugging a 32-rack with his best friends. Don’t freak out. There are some very logical reasons that he hasn’t changed his profile picture to a picture of y’all being cute.

1. He really just doesn’t understand how to use Facebook. 

We, as social media experts, may think that our man is as much of a tech genius as we are. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the uploading and cropping of a new picture may just be too difficult for the love of our life.

2. Strangers freak him out. 

If your man doesn’t like the idea of people he hasn’t seen in five years knowing what his new girlfriend looks like, he’s not gonna change his default. Understand that since your relationship is new and he may just be protective of you. This could be his way of keeping you out of harm’s way.

3. He doesn’t think he looks good in any of your pictures.

Let’s face it. The selfies that you two have together are usually taken by you to put onto your own social media. Even though he is, in fact, in the photo, the main focus of the picture is you. Remember, it’s not just you that likes to look photogenic. 

4. He’s a low key dude. 

Men typically tend to want to keep more of a low profile when it comes to relationships. This fact doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you or isn’t proud of his new girl; it simply means that he believes that the relationship deets, including photos, should stay between those directly involved.

5. Work.

If your new man has a job that requires him to keep up appearances, you two being all over each other on social media doesn’t represent him in a professional light. It’s better to understand that even though this picture may not seem like a trouble starter, any new pictures that come up with his name could make people question his hireability.  

6. It’s not a priority. 

Now, this isn’t the greatest of all reasons but know that most men don’t think of social media as an accurate way to depict their life or successes. Unlike you, who changes your default like you change outfits, men can have the same picture for over three years.

7. He only uses social media for chatting with you. 

If your man only uses his account to message you, he sees literally no reason to change his picture. Therefore, he doesn’t even recognize the other people that may or may not be looking at his default.

8. He’s friends with family on social media.

If you two have just started dating, there is literally nothing more uncomfortable than having to respond to a great aunt or his mom’s comment about “that girl from Facebook.?? Think of it as being nice: he’d rather introduce you to his family in person, not over the internet.

9. He’s lazy.

This is probably the main reason that his picture from 2008 has yet to be updated. If he doesn’t find Facebook or social media all that alluring, he honestly doesn’t even think about his profile in general. When your man is an internet sloth and only has a social media account because he made a profile last decade, know that nothing on his profile is ever changing – including his picture that is probably still from high school.

10. He actually might be hiding the relationship.

If it’s been a long time since you made the relationship official and there’s still no sign of you making an appearance in his profile picture, there could be an underlying problem. This would be the time to talk to your man about what the issue is and just be honest with him about your concerns. If he doesn’t change his picture after you have asked and he can’t come up with a clear reason why his default isn’t of both of you together, you might want to reevaluate your relationship status in general.