19 People Who Are Really Out There Struggling So Please Keep Them In Your Prayers

It ain’t easy to watch other human beings struggle.

In the spirit of the holiday season, consider opening your heart and soul just a little bit to help those less fortunate.

You could do a GoFundMe campaign. Or a donation to whatever charity supports old people who don’t understand how modern technology works.

So many things could benefit people like…

1. This poor McDonald’s manager who thought her reviews of herself were anonymous.

2. This Amazon reviewer.

3. Whoever packaged and shipped this box.

4. This Harry Potter fan.

5. This girl’s boyfriend.

6. This walking, talking example of why you should never try to represent yourself in court.

7. This guy, who must have had his ice scraper stolen.

8. This girl.

9. This guy.

10. This student.