14 Things Only Jumpy People Understand

It’s not easy being jumpy. Everyone targets you for a laugh. But it’s not funny, it’s terrifying. You hate it when things pop out at you and when people sneak up from behind. If you’re a jumpy person, you understand the struggle.

1. You hate loud noises.

They send a shockwave through your system. Especially if it’s quiet, and all of a sudden some blaring siren breaks the peace. You can’t help but jump out of your seat.

2. And sudden movements.

You don’t do so well with unexpected surprises popping up out of nowhere. Theme park rides and obnoxious children are not fun. You’d like to have a warning before anything pops out and presents itself to you.

3. Surprises are the worst.

Especially surprise parties. Even if you’re not the person being surprised (thank God), you still hate the suspense. It builds and builds until you can’t take it anymore, and you just want to blurt it out. It’s much more pleasant to know what to expect, so you can mentally prepare yourself.

4. Even if you’re always on guard, something will pop out and freak you out.

Someone will startle you as you turn a corner. Or your roommate will wait behind the door to jump out and yell boo as you get home. Both are equally terrifying. No matter what you do, even if your guard is up, you’ll still manage to freak out.

5. Your friends love to jump out and scare you for laughs.

They’ll hide, and then jump out from the closet when you get settled on the couch. They’ll leave scary images in the fridge so when you open the door you nearly faint. It’s not funny.

6. It’s almost impossible for you to watch horror movies.

All of those twists and turns and suspenseful moments of terror send your anxiety through the roof. You don’t get how people find this stuff entertaining. It’s even worse when the movie ends and your date thinks it’s funny to sneak away and come back from behind you, and squeezes your shoulders. Those moments are like instantaneous experiences of hell.

7. If someone hugs you from behind, you jump 10 feet into the air.

What some people think is “cute,??? you think that it’s some cruel joke for your boo to play on you. It’s not cute—it’s terrifying. First of all, you didn’t expect it, so your heart stops for a few seconds. Then, before you realize the hug is from your babe, you assume that you’re being kidnapped and are going to be thrown into the back of a van.

8. Fire alarms have caused you an innumerable amount of heart attacks.

Remember those days, peacefully sitting at your desk, enjoying the quiet atmosphere, zoning out doing you work? Everything was all find and dandy until, BAM. That awful, shrill, shrieking noise sent you flying. A shiver ran up your spine as you wondered why the fire department made those alarms loud enough to wake someone up from a coma.

9. You can’t help but scream when something scares you.    

No matter how big or how small, you’ll scream. You’re easily startled when someone bumps into you or squeezes your waist. And your first reaction is to scream, because hey, being scared isn’t fun.                                                                                                                                                    

10. You hate it when you open a door and someone is on the other side.

These moments are the absolute worst. Your soul basically leaves your body. And it’s not just you. These moments make everyone jump. It’s scary; you did not expect that person to be there. But the worst part is trying to play it cool when you’re clearly not okay.

11. If someone unexpectedly taps you on the shoulder, they’re done for.

You’ve got ninja like reflexes to attack the assh*les who think it’s funny to watch you freak out.

12. Sometimes you’re even scared of your own shadow.

If you look down and see a dark figure, obviously you’re going to jump. Before you realize that it’s your shadow, a million thoughts race through your mind. It could be someone else’s shadow, and he was stalking you. There are too many scary things to keep track of, so you still manage to jump out of your skin before you realize that it’s just you.

13. You become paralyzed with fear when you suddenly hear a noise that breaks the silence.

You’re lying in bed, everything is nice and quiet and dark. You’re about to fall asleep and WHAM, something just smacks against your window. Or you hear a noise upstairs. This is the end.

14. No one will ever let you live it down.

It’s not fair that you’re so jumpy. Everyone always gives you sh*t for it. But they all suck. You’re always prepared for the worst, so when that doesn’t happen, you can bask in sweet relief.