10 Signs You’re Awesomely Adorkable

Zooey Deschanel might be the original adorkable babe, but that doesn’t mean she’s the only one.

1. You  like to sing, loudly and a little off-key  

You don’t sound great, but your friends don’t care because you’re so cute and confident in your voice it doesn’t even matter.

2. You  also can’t dance to save your life — but you’ll give it your best shot  

You’ll whip and nae nae in your own fashion, thank you very much, and even though it looks nothing like it does in the videos, you have fun and your smile is genuine.

3. You’re  obsessed with collecting the things no one else seems to appreciate  

You want everything to be loved, even if it’s a little odd and offbeat.

4. You don’t really understand the point of pants   

Or dresses that aren’t fun, flirty and a little girly.

5. You trip over anything that’s in your way and sometimes over nothing  

In other words, you’re hella clumsy, but you make it look good.

6. “I love smiling, smiling’s my favorite”  

Because what’s the point of life if you’re not happy and laughing at the most ridiculous things? Half the time, nobody else gets the joke, but as long as you do, you’re happy.

7. Your hair is either super long or cut in a cute bob  

But still very feminine, flattering and cute.

8. You  have a wealth of quirks  

Like not stepping on cracks in the street, brushing your hair 100 times before bed or always wearing shoes with a tiny bit of a heel. They’re the little things that set you apart from everybody else.

9. You connect on a deep level to characters on TV shows   

And refer to them by name (and sometimes nickname) when talking about them, as if they were your real-life friends…because they are.

10. You see the best in everybody  

Because you want to believe the world is a good place and people have good intentions, and as much as bad things have happened to you you’ve kept from becoming jaded.