If You Want a Friendship That’s Built To Last, Read This

You’re the shoulder they lean on when the world is topsy-turvy, the one who holds them when tears fall from their bloodshot eyes. A ‘Best friend’ is so much more than just a title. It isn’t about taking selfies and spending weekends together, it takes work.

1. You trust her completely (yes, even with that…)

She has enough blackmail on you to make you her personal servant, but you know she’d never use any of it against you.

2. Because you know she feels the same.

She tells everything to you that’s really bothering her even if it borders on TMI.

3. No matter how long it’s been, you jump right back to where you left off.

You don’t see each other daily, but you always know how much you mean to each other.

4. You’re basically each other’s personal therapists any time of day…

3 am or pm, you’re always there when life is driving her crazy and vice versa.

5. And her rock when life hits her hard.

You know how to make her feel better without sugar coating the truth.

6. You prove you care on the daily.

Letting your bestie know how important she is in your life.

7. And avoid drama like the plague.

You’ll both make mistakes, but you never judge each other because nobody’s flawless.

8. Even though you know fights are inevitable.

It sucks, but you won’t always be each other’s, favorite people. You have each other’s backs at the end of the day though and you’ll never let anything pull you too far apart.

9. But you’ll never give up on each other.

You encourage her to follow her dreams and always be each other’s best self.

There’s no best friend guidebook to follow. A friend-love takes hard work, but you know it’s always worth it.

Your best friend can’t guarantee that life will be perfect all the time, but they can stay in your corner, never more than a phone call away.