33 Times Your Cousin Was Actually Your Ride Or Die

Not only are cousins the first friends you have as a child, but they are probably the only friends you’ll ever have that are guaranteed for life.

Sure, there will be points in your life where you guys will be closer, and there will be other times you’ll drift apart. But one thing is definitely certain, you are stuck with your cousin’s no matter what and you couldn’t be more grateful because family functions would be completely boring without them.

1. That time we drank too much on a family vacation.

And no one else found out because they totally covered for us.

2. And they didn’t mind holding our hair back.

Luckily, because it wouldn’t be the last time they made sure puke didn’t wind up in my bangs.

3. That time we got our heart broken…

And they told us all the stories of the stupid guys in their lives, which made us feel a lot better.

4. And we just needed someone to comfort us…

Knowing the same things happened to our cooler, older cousins definitely helped a lot.

5. That time we got into a fight with our friend.

Everyone wants a friendship to last forever, but the family is the only thing that does.

6. And they let us join their party.

Actually, they demanded it. They didn’t take no for an answer.

7. That time we almost got arrested…

“Almost” being the key word there…

8. Because they saved our ass…

And still didn’t tattle on us to the rest of the family.

9. Those times they didn’t leave your side at a family function.

Having to endure the presence of people we don’t like would be torturous without them.

10. And they always handle it like a champ.

Your cousins taught you how to put up with Uncle Steve’s “pull my finger” jokes and how to avoid Nana Boo Boo’s cheek pinching.

11. Just exchanging that look.

And you’ll be able to brace yourself for any crazy relative that just decided to invite themselves over for dinner.

12. After grandma and grandpa died…

Mourning has a new meaning when we are standing by the side of someone, who is feeling the same things we are.

13. And they were the only one who understood.

You wouldn’t have been able to get through that funeral service without them.

14. The times they are brutally honest.

Even though we still like to be lied to sometimes.

15. But you know they only tell you these things out of love.

Because unfortunately, the truth is always better.

16. That time there weren’t enough beds on vacation…

So we had to double up, and they were the best snuggle buddy.

17. And they were clearly your first pick…

Because you guys got to stay up late watching scary movies and braid each other’s hair.

18. Growing up, you’d beg for sleepovers with your cousins.

Because we never wanted to say “goodbye.”

19. But we couldn’t stay up no matter how hard we’d try.

We had so much fun together, that we wound up passing out at like 10 PM.

20. That time it felt like they were the only one who understood you.

Probably because they were.

21. The rest of the family knows how close you guys are…

Because you’re practically joined at the hip during family reunions.

22. Which was often necessary…

Because they sometimes need to remind you of the name of the person you’re hugging…

23. Because you don’t remember ever meeting that old person before.

But they would know because they were there for that too.

24. You guys enjoy sharing bottles together.

It went from being handed baby bottles to sneaking beer bottles, to now ordering a bottle of White Zinfindel.

25. You’ve both witnessed each other grow up…

… From tots to shots.

26. That time you needed to make sure you had enough tickets to graduation.

Your cousins would never miss such a memorable moment.

27. You can’t think of an important time in your life without them…

They’re a part of all of them.

28. Every milestone and holiday…

From Thanksgiving and Christmas to first dates and prom.

29. They were and still are our forever friend…

No matter what.

30. We know they’ll always be there…

Because that’s what family is for.

31. Besides, they have to always have our backs…

Because we have way too much dirt on them.

32. That time you laughed because you know too many of their secrets.

But crap, they know all of your secrets too.

33. That time your cousin laughed because they have so much blackmail on you…

Good thing we don’t get on each other’s nerves… that much.

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