14 Signs You And Your Bestie Are An Overly Attached Couple

You walk into her house and your WiFi connects automatically, she’s definitely made from the same ingredients as you, and no matter how much you drive each other crazy, you’ll hang on to her for life.

With so many people who are great on paper but are actually really boring and uninspiring, one thing to take off your list of worries is feeling that way around her. No matter how sarcastic you are, at the end of the day, you know that your best friend is bae.

Here are the signs that prove you and your best friend are actually an overly attached couple:

  1. Making promises like, “Listen when you get married, I ain’t going anywhere. We a package deal… 
  2. You fight but then can’t stay mad at each other longer than a day cause you see a meme and you’re like, “fuck, I have to share this with her..”
  3. You both start crying about the dumbest shit and want to murder everyone and then the next day you get your periods and you’re like, I knew we weren’t weak ass bitches – we good, we good.
  4. Trusting each other so much that she gives you her phone and as you type up entire conversations on her behalf.
  5. Stalking each other’s crushes on social media.
  6. Then when you meet each other’s crushes it gets awkward when he’s like: yeah my sister–and you’re like Sharon or Ashley?
  7. Also stalking your best friend’s new friend more than your own crush…
  8. And then you’re like, Felicia ain’t even that cool, she needs to back off. #bye 
  9. No matter how much of a horrific, raging sugar tits bitch she can be, you’ll always put her name down as your ‘in case of emergency’ contact over anyone else. 
  10. She’s definitely seen every single dick pic you’ve ever received.
  11. Only she understands when you say, “I saw my husband today”  and that you are referring to the hot guy that has no clue that you exist.
  12. Teasing each other with no mercy, like when you admit that you’ve been listening to Bieber’s album on repeat (even though you know everyone secretly loves it) or when she gets diarrhea before a big date.
  13. Cause friends are nice to each other, but best friends are total assholes to each other.
  14. But she’s also the only one who literally bail you out of jail, pick up Pepto-Bismol for you, beat up fuckboy, make you laugh no matter how shitty you feel, and can’t imagine living without you because you’re actually her sister and she’s yours.