11 Rituals We All Have With Our Bestie

You and your bestie are attached by the hip. You know each other well and know you’re truly best friends because you guys have your own set of rituals that you strictly abide by.

1. Pregaming and getting ready to go out.

Possibly the only thing more fun than going out with your BFF is getting ready with her. Let’s just say, lots of wine and lots of liquor is involved… Not to mention, piles of clothes on the bed, makeup all over the bathroom sink, and perfume bottles spraying through the air. You guys won’t go out until all outfits are okay-ed. And then the fun begins.

2. Being each other’s wing-woman when you go out to the bar.

There’s nothing like going out for a crazy night with your BFF and knowing that you have each other’s backs when it comes to the cuties. She steps in at the perfect moment to save you from the creeps and always encourages you to go for it when you want to.

3. Pretending to be different people when you meet strangers on your night out.

You and your BFF can play along with any lie to total strangers when you’re out. You’ll put on fake names and fake accents and tell them fake stories just for the hell of it. And you never have to worry about one of you not playing along because you both know when it’s happening.

4. The hangover texts the morning after.

Hangovers suck. The only thing that makes them better though is the knowledge that your BFF is on the same page as you. It’s an endless array of hungover AF looking selfies, and you guys saying “I’m never drinking again.” (Right.) Plus, if you guys don’t text about your hangovers the day after a night out, are you even really friends?

5. The pep talk before a first date.

You’re going on a first date and you couldn’t possibly be more nervous. So who else to call but your BFF when you’re busy hyperventilating in your room? She’s the only one who can tell you to STFU about your nerves, make you feel beautiful, and get you excited to meet up with your date.

6. The outfit run-through.

Before any big event or date, you and your BFF text each other a million photos of possible outfit choices. She’s the only opinion you trust how good you look. She’s the only one who’ll be honest enough to tell you if something isn’t working.

7. The birthday ragers.

No one gets more excited about your birthday than your BFF. She’s there waking you up with breakfast in your room, showering you with cuddles and presents. And she helps you get ready for your party before anyone else is there and goes harder than all your guests.

8. The crying to each other when you’re heartbroken.

Sh*t hits the fan and things fall apart with a guy. Your BFF is to the rescue. She’s the one who lets you ugly-cry for hours, go on and on about all the things that happened, and let you eat your body weight in ice cream.

9. The getaway trip.

Sometimes you and your BFF have had it and just need to say goodbye and f*ck you to everyone. So you get in the car and get the hell out of town because that’s the only solution. Just you, your BFF, and a highway leading to wherever you so, please.

10. The reality check.

Your BFF is the only one who can be honest enough with you to call you out on your sh*t. You appreciate her bluntness because she’s just trying to look out for you and has your best interests at heart. If she’s telling you you’re messing up, you must really be messing up.

11. And of course, the heart to heart.

Every now and then, in any healthy BFF-ship, you guys will go on about how much you love each other. She’s your soulmate for life, the only one who gets you and you can’t go on for too long without letting her know that.