What You Should Binge Watch On Netflix, Based On Your Horoscope

Because everyone needs excuse for staying in bed all weekend . . .

Aries: Scandal

You’re independent, ambitious, and stubborn as all hell. And that’s why Scandal is the perfect show for you to binge watch. Olivia Pope is basically you (minus some of the covering up murder stuff), and the show’s fast pace is perfect for you, because while you hate to admit it, you get bored easily.

Taurus: Mad Men

Mad Men is a slow burn—like a book that takes 100 pages to get really into. But you’re patient and loyal. You stick to characters you like, and you root for them, no matter what. So Mad Men is perfect for you. You’ll stick with it and get invested in every character. Also, with seven seasons to watch, it’s perfect for your lazy “not going out ever again I’m tired all the time” nature.

Gemini: Jessica Jones

You’re determined, spunky, and loyal when you really want to be. So you’ll enjoy binge-watching Jessica Jones because you’ll automatically identify with her: she lives a double life and is ruthless until she gets what she wants. You’ll want to be her, but you have enough personalities to tackle already. One day you want to save the world, the next, you just want to sit around all day, drink alone, and watch Netflix alone. Jessica Jones is the perfect bing watch for someone who is as indecisive as a Gemini.

Cancer: Jane the Virgin

You’re caring, and over-sensitive. So is Jane, the virgin. This show is all about family—but also has a good balance of murder, deception, and characters you’ll never forget. You will get lost in this show for an entire weekend. It will make you laugh when you’re in one of your moods, cry, and go WTF IS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING?????? at the same time.

Leo: House of Cards 

You’re so vain. But you’re also ambitious, like Frank Underwood. Hopefully you won’t be too inspired by his methods of getting to the top of the political food chain, but it’ll be an escape that you didn’t know you needed. And the shining, self-serving personalities that make up the cast of House of Cards will probably inspire you to settle down a bit on the confidence . . . probably. And hopefully. 

Virgo: Love

The two main characters on Love shouldn’t fall for each other, but they do. They’re selfish over-thinkers, and are actually characters that you can relate to. They are also the only characters in any show that will make you feel like you’re doing this whole love and life thing right. 

Libra: Friday Night Lights 

You’re almost as optimistic as this show, which is deceptively not about football at all. Sure, it centers around a football team in a football town in a football state, but at its core it’s about relationships. Coach Taylor and Tammy will become your #relationshipgoals, and Friday Night Lights will be the reason why you forget to text everyone back (and forget to show up everywhere you were supposed to go) all weekend.

Scorpio: Grey’s Anatomy

You’re fiercely passionate and tend to get a little (ok, a lot) obsessed with things and people. Grey’s Anatomy is a perfect binge watch for you—even if you’ve seen every season a dozen times—because you get invested and obsessed and you literally can’t do anything else with your life. A perfect time for you to binge watch Grey’s? When you meet a boy you are obsessed with—it will help you not text him too many times, because you’ll be super distracted, by McDreamy’s face and all the freaking drama. 

Sagittarius: Daredevil 

For the most part, you keep your emotions to yourself. You’re independent and get easily bored. Daredevil is the perfect show for you to binge watch, because it has enough action and emotional intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat (bed), and emotionally invested in all of its morally ambiguous characters—particularly the villains. 

Capricorn: Gossip Girl 

You’re responsible enough to control how much TV you watch in one sitting, which is exactly why you need Gossip Girl in your life: you need a show that will captivate you enough to make you forget that you just wasted four hours of your life watching a show about rich kids in New York City. You might hate yourself for loving Chuck Bass, but deep down, you know he’s a good guy.

Aquarius: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

You need to watch something that fuels your creativity. Something that matches your wit and your weird. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s offbeat sense of humor and characters suits you, and will inspire you to go out and be as weird and as creative as you can possibly be Also, it will make you laugh, and that’s always a good thing. 

Pisces: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You need some edge in your life.. something fun, and dramatic enough for you to cry, but funny enough for you to have some light in your life. Buffy the Vampire Slayer provides a good balance of real-world drama, and a fantasy world where you can truly escape for a while.