35 Thoughts You Have While Watching Riverdale

Admit it, you already binge watched every episode of the first season of Riverdale.

And these are probably all the thoughts you had 

  1. Wow, great fucking casting job… 

  2. Murder mystery…already interested.

  3. Wait..Is that…Luke…Perry aka Dylan McKay?  

  4. Cheryl and Jason’s relationship is creeeeeeeepy 

  5. And they look too pale to be alive.

  6. Ms Grundy’s kind of hawt!

  7. And so are Archie’s abs…They’re a perfectly imperfect match.

  8. But the hot teacher acts a bit sketchy 

  9. Although every character looks suspicious AF!

  10. Specially Betty ’mom. Something’s definitely off with Alice Cooper 

  11. Actually all moms seem a little bit on the cray side

  12. Speaking of cray, Chery Bloosom’s obsession with her brother is questionable #incest

  13. But her taste in lipstick is on point, so I’ll look the other way

  14. These girls are CONSTANTLY putting on makeup 

  15. 5 min ago I thought Veronica was a manipulative bitch, but look at her now being all sassy and cool! 

  16. Am I team Betty or team Veronica? I’m both #friendshipgoals

  17. But I want Veronica’s cheerleading moves and…ALL of her wardrobe 

  18. Speaking of wardrobe, Jughead is rocking that…crown? 

  19. Wearing Cat ears like Josie and the Pussycats should become a thing 

  20. And Betty’s ponytail should not 

  21. Still not buying that Archie has musical talents 

  22. At least not compared to the Pussycats

  23. Ok…still not over Luke Perry playing a dad 

  24. Wait, what’s going on? 

  25. Betty, stop freaking me out!

  26. Chuck + Sticky Maple = WTF 

  27. #justiceforchuck ?

  28. Gotta admit, Betty’s dark side caught me off guard 

  29. to Jason Blossom

  30. I’m loving all 50 shades of Jughead 

  31. OMG just realized Jughead is Ben ( Ross’ son ) from Friends

  32. I’m not sure who I want Archie to end up with but…

  33. I’m definitely rooting for Betty and Jughead forever 

  34. This is drama, over drama, over drama…I’m hooked 

  35. But, I need to find out who killed Jason Blossom like right now.