Screw You, Getting Attached To A Guy Doesn’t Make Me Weak

So, you meet a guy that you’re really vibing with. Modern dating websites and magazine articles will tell you that it’s all downhill from here. The minute that you feel something that may, down the line, lead to love—run for the hills.

For some reason in today’s society, the girl who feels too much, too soon into a relationship is the one who is prone to getting her heart shattered. Everyone will tell you that getting attached to someone—investing your time and efforts towards another person—will ultimately scare the said person away. They’ll think you want too much, too soon. They’ll stop calling, they’ll stop texting, the dates will become more infrequent in time before they completely stop altogether. So, if this is the solid truth in society—what’s a girl to really do when she feels something for someone? Act heartless and emotionally detached? Talk herself out of something that makes her feel alive?

Absolutely not.

Contrary to what many may tell you, becoming attached to someone is the furthest thing from weak. In fact, it means that you’re a pretty strong person – here’s why:

When you begin to invest your time and emotions into someone, it’s a pretty big step in life. I’m a firm believer that giving someone your time is more important than giving them anything else. The only thing we truly do have control over in our own lives is how we choose to spend our time. With life always being chaotic and hectic as we get older—working, seeing our families, seeing our friends, school, exams, going to the gym, watching our shows—it seems to happen that we have less and less free time available. When you decided to use those slivers of time you have with another person, it’s a big deal.

The more you invest your time in them, the more you’ll inevitably invest yourself and your emotions in them as well. When we fall in love with someone, it’s a universal truth that we begin to give ourselves to them – whether we mean to, or not. We start to include them as part of our lives, make them a priority in our decisions, our plans – our long-term future.

This moment, when we begin to let somebody into our world, takes the most strength. You’re opening up your safe-zone—your world—to somebody and trusting them not to break anything. You’re letting them into your heart and giving them the chance to hurt you—while trusting them not to.

Personally, I believe that takes more balls than it does to just walk away from someone you have potential with. If anything, society has it all wrong. Walking away from someone who can very well turn out to be one of the best things to ever happen to you in fear of being hurt is the ultimate definition of weak.

Sometimes in life, you have to take risks—blindly jump into the open abyss, unsure if whether you’ll fall or fly. Only the coward will watch from the sidelines, fearfully wondering “what if.” It takes a strong person to put themselves out there, not watching life happen but actually making it happen.