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    28 Signs Your Life Is A Romantic Comedy, Minus The Romance

    Everything is almost right. You’re meeting cute guys in even cuter ways. Your friends are hilarious: every time you say “lol,” you are actually laughing out loud. And you’re clumsier than ever. In an adorable way, of course. The problem? The cute guys never text you back. And when your hilarious friends actually give you […] More

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    If the Butterfly Feelings Have Faded Away, Know This

    You thought they’d never go away. You thought things would be different this time because everything with him felt special.  But that feeling eventually flutters away. Because they’re supposed to go away—even in the best relationships. In the end, there’s nothing to fear because when you lose the butterflies, you gain so much more. You’ll […] More

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    The "Resting Bitch Face" Drinking Game

    It’s your every day life. So you might as well make a game out of it . . . Take a sip every time you make a baby cry. Take a sip every time you scare a puppy away. Take a sip when someone is seriously surprised that you aren’t the Angel of Death. Take a sip […] More

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    Which Game of Thrones House You're In, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    We all know Westeros is a dangerous, kind of horrible place, but secretly we actually want to be a part of it . . . Aries: House Targaryen You’re determined, adaptable, and you always get the job done. Everything goes your way, and you don’t mind showing off—whether it’s your impeccable High Valyrian or your […] More

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    The "Living At Home For Summer" Drinking Game

    Because you’re obviously bored, the alcohol is free, and there’s nothing else to do… Take a sip every time you have to pretend to be excited about seeing people you were excited to never have to see again.  Take a sip every time your high school friends are nothing compared to your college friends.  But take […] More

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    24 Questions I Have For Shonda Rhimes

    The creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and many more basically rules television and the world. She determines who lives, who dies, whose life kinda sucks, and can also make us incredibly happy. She rules television and is a hero, but she needs to answer these questions so we know everything to […] More

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    The Ultimate Bucket List Every Over-Thinker Needs

    Even though these actions come with consequences, you might as well live while you’re alive. You’ll regret not doing it more than you’ll regret doing it . . . 1. Add another drink to your tab at the bar. Sure, it might overdraft your bank account, but you need to focus on your fun and […] More

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    The “Big Penis” Drinking Game

    Because we’ve all seen them, will see them, or fear them . .  Take a sip if you can tell how big it is when he’s fully clothed. Take a sip every time you catch yourself staring at his package like how he’s probably staring at your boobs. Take a sip when you think, “well it can’t get […] More

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    21 Signs You Could Get Away With Murder

    You long for a time when there were kings and queens who could behead literally anyone who got in their way. Unfortunately, it’s the 21st century and that’s not a thing anymore.  But you’ve done your research: if you wanted to murder someone, you could probably get away with it. But you won’t actually go […] More

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    My Bills Are More Important Than Your Kitchen Aid

    I know everyone says this these days, but I can’t help it. Because it’s true: all of my friends are getting married and I’m seemingly the only one who isn’t.  Not even close.  But I’m not bitter about it at all. I know it will happen one day. Maybe it’s sooner than I expect, maybe […] More

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